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Don't Deport Raheela Sajid And Her Family!


Raheela Sajid and her children, 14-year-old Mohammed and 11-year old Shataj are detained at Yarl's Wood Detention Centre following their arrest by UK Immigration Officials in an incident that has prompted a public outcry.

Raheela and her children came from Pakistan in June 2002 where Raheela had been subjected to horrific abuse at the hands of her violent husband.  The experience has left her deeply traumatised.

When the family arrived in the UK, they expected to be treated with compassion, but the court adjudicator dismissed their application for asylum, believing that Raheela would be in no danger if she were to be returned to Pakistan.

The family's solicitor intervened to get them off a plane after removal directions to Lahore were set for 12th July.

They now await the outcome of an application for a Judicial Review.

There is strong evidence about the extent of domestic violence in Pakistan.  Whilst the Home Office claims that there are now refuges for women in Pakistan; in reality, when a woman complains to the police, she is likely to be abused further, then returned to her family who will punish her for having left home.


Raheela is terrified at the prospect of being forcibly returned to this horror.

All Raheela and her family ask is to be returned safely to the North East community where they have been welcomed and cared for and to be given a chance to rebuild their lives in peace.

What you can do to help:

Raheela's supporters in the community, which include her local MP, Ward Councillors and staff, pupils and parents from the children's schools, have set up a campaign calling upon the Home Secretary to review Raheela's case. A petition and model letter can be found at, which they ask you to print off, fill in and get as many others as possible to do the same. Feel free to copy/amend/write your own version.

Send completed petitions/letters to the campaign at: 

'Don't Deport Raheela and her Family Campaign'


109 Parliament Road


TS1 4JE.



July 2005





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