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Promises, promises from Labour

Forward Wales the Welsh Socialist Party

Forward Wales Councillor Dave Bithell has slammed Labour's six election pledges as nothing short of disgraceful. He said the gap between rich and poor was getting wider under Labour.

Cllr Bithell, who represents Johnstown on Wrexham Council, said Tony Blair's pre-election stunt in flying around various parts of England by helicopter fooled no-one. He offered his own analysis of Labour's six

"Your family's better off - Labour has overseen the widening in the gap between rich and poor since 1997. Working Family Tax Credits subsidise low-paying bosses as much as they help working families.

Your child achieving more - Labour's attacks on free education have seen more and more youngsters drop out of college due to debts, more first-time buyers can't afford to buy a house where they grew up and job insecurity is at an all-time high. For the first time in generations, it's not possible to say our children will have a better quality of life than their parents.

Your children with the best start - Nursery provision is private in most parts of Wales and costs 100 a week for one child. Thousands of working parents pay because they need to work to pay other bills. Is being away from your parents always the best start?

Your family treated better and faster - One in nine people in Wales are on an NHS waiting list - more than 300,000 people. It would be difficult to be treated worse and more slowly. The targets announced are for England only but this was not made clear in any media reports. Does Tony Blair realise that devolution has happened?

Your community is safer - Labour's failure to deal honestly with illegal drugs as a major cause of crime means that crime remains a major problem in many communities.

Your country's borders protected - Labour has played the racist card over asylum and immigration while turning a blind eye to the gangmasters and businesses profiting from migrant workers. The UK (and the world) is a far more dangerous place to live because Blair backed Bush in his illegal war on Iraq."

Cllr Bithell added: "Labour has nothing to say about caring for the environment, pensions and care for the elderly, affordable housing, defending public services and improving public transport because it has failed the test on all these important issues. He might as well promise better weather given the promises he's made and broken in the past."


February 2005


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