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Lib Dems spring conference to vote against workers rights


The Lib Dems are set to vote against trade union rights at their spring conference.

The motion proposes: "...introducing a right for the government, when supported by both Houses of Parliament, to require both workforce and employers to submit to binding arbitration where the workforce in a vital area has voted for industrial action"

This is a clear response to the fire fighters national strike and an attempt to prevent such essential workers standing up for their rights and conditions of work.

Whilst the Lib Dems often pose (and are) to the left of Labour on many issues this is only because New Labour has shifted the agenda so far to the right. The Lib Dems are still a party of profits before the people and are opposed to workers rights, unless it wins them votes.

Many of the votes that the Lib Dems pick up at the forth coming General Election will be from those who feel they are unable to vote Labour any more and are looking for a progressive alternative. In the absence of a viable progressive alternative a significant number of people will vote Lib Dem under the illusion that they are an anti-war, anti-Tory, anti-privatisation party.

Unfortunately none of these are true as the experience of Lib Dem councils up and down the country have shown.

A full conference agenda (pdf) can be found at


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