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Goresbrook by-election 23 June 2005

Final anti-BNP campaign activities


The BNP is fighting tooth and nail to retain its only council seat in London in a by-election caused by the resignation of Dan “Clueless” Kelley. Barking and Dagenham Together has mounted an active campaign in the wake of the defeat of the two racist candidates in Barking and Dagenham in the general election, to ensure that the residents of Goresbrook will not be failed again by the BNP.


Despite the BNP packing its campaign with lies, libel and hypocrisy and importing thugs from all over the southeast and beyond, the fascists now fear defeat. The anti-fascist campaign has been notable for its breadth with not only Labour fighting to retake the seat but the Lib Dems and Greens coming together with Labour to beat the BNP.


The Together campaign working alongside the trade unions has mounted a series of days of action and other activities. Last Saturday 100 anti-fascist and Labour activists turned out and enabled us to steal a march on the BNP and start campaigning in Becontree ward, where a by-election will take place on 14 July.


We have three days left to send the BNP packing in Goresbrook. Victory for the forces of democracy on Thursday could be turned into a double success if we keep them out in Becontree as well.


The BNP’s candidate in Goresbrook is Lawrence Rustem, a man notoriously disliked and distrusted by his fellow party members, because he is a half Turkish Muslim. Nevertheless he polled high percentages in by-elections in Village and Valence wards, Dagenham, last year. Like in Goresbrook his campaign in Village ward used leaflets full of lies in a bid to stoke up fear and resentment in the community. Let’s make him a three time loser.


Tuesday 21 June

Targeted distribution of election material, from 6.00pm


Thursday 23 June

This is polling day and volunteers will be welcome all day. Starting at to cover the three polling stations in the ward .


Meet at The Labour Hall, Junction of Tenterden Road and Green Lane, Dagenham.

(nearest stations Dagenham Heathway and Chadwell Heath,

buses 5, 87, 103, 150, 173, 175 pass nearby)


Please bring cars wherever possible for transport to designated streets in the ward.

Details of the Becontree campaign will be issued in the next three days.

Keep watching for updates on our activities.


June 2005


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