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Scottish Socialist Party:

Scotland's drugs problem needs radical action

As Glasgow University publish research into the impact of drug addiction on families and communities, the Scottish Socialist Party today proposed a radical change of direction in drug policy.

Scottish Socialist Party convenor Colin Fox MSP said: "This research has highlighted what far too many Scottish families already  know - that drug misuse can wreak havoc in communities and devastate families.

"The 'war on drugs' approach followed by Labour and the Tories has failed. "In the last four years, the number of class A drug misusers in Scotland has risen by over 12,000.

"Meanwhile, thousands of young people are still criminalised and persecuted for using cannabis, a relatively harmless drug."

Colin added:

"The Scottish Socialist Party would take a new approach to tackling Scotland's drug problem.

"We would legalise cannabis under licence, taking it out of the hands of dealers and breaking the link with sales of drugs such as heroin. "Scotland's devastating heroin problem would be tackled as a social and a medical problem, not a criminal one.

"We would provide pharmaceutical, clean heroin on prescription.

"This would have a massive impact in stabilising the lives of users, reducing drug-related crime and taking the lucrative heroin market out of the hands of organised crime.

"It would also save millions currently spent on the policing, prosecution and imprisonment of drug misusers - money which would be better spent on treatment and rehabilitation facilities."



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