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Respect selects East London election candidates

George Galloway

A packed selection meeting of East London Respect on Sunday chose its candidates to stand in the four East London constituencies of East Ham, West Ham, Poplar and Limehouse and Bethnal Green and Bow for the forthcoming general election.

George Galloway MP was unanimously selected to stand for Respect in Bethnal Green and Bow, Lindsey German, convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, in West Ham and Abdul Khaliq Mian, a community activist, in East Ham. Councillor Oli Rahman has been unanimously nominated to be selected for the Poplar and Limehouse constituency.

George Galloway said “Now our candidates are finalised we can get on with the real job so that the people of East London can have MPs who will not only speak on their behalf but also vote on their behalf.”

January 2005


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