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SSP targets Royal Bank Of Scotland in G8 direct action

The Scottish Socialist Party today targeted the Royal Bank Of Scotland in simultaneous direct actions in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The action was taken to highlight the profits of RBOS in contrast to the crushing poverty that results in 625 children dying of poverty every 30 minutes across the world.

6 protesters entered the headquarters of the Royal Bank Of Scotland in St Andrews Square at 12 noon while SSP members accompanied by Frances Curran MSP staged a sit down protest in a branch of RBOS in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

The protests lasted for 30 minutes during which time 625 children across the world died of poverty while RBOS made £465,000 profit.

Frances Curran MSP said today at the protest;

“In the week leading up to the G8 Summit at Gleneagles we are absolutely determined to focus on the obscene profits being made by companies in Scotland, particularly in the financial services sector. “These companies are making profits which could themselves go a long way to ending poverty and hunger in the world today.

“A child could be saved from hunger for as little as a dollar a day, 30 minutes of RBOS profits could have saved the lives of 2,325 children. “In order to make poverty history we need to make capitalism history.”


June 2005


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