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Motion to Stop the War Coalition national conference

The following motion, submitted by the Socialist Unity Network, was passed at the Stop the War Coalition national conference held on 12 February 2005:

This conference believes that the ultimate responsibility for the current violence in Iraq lies with the US occupation. However the kidnapping or murder of civilians is unjustifiable whoever is responsible.

This conference endorses the letter to the Independent by Andrew Murray sent on 7th January that said: "we have repeatedly denounced the murder of civilians" and the letter to the Observer by Lindsey German on 9th January saying: "we condemn the killing of Iraqi trade unionists".

This conference notes that the recent murder of Iraqi trade union official Hadi Salih is being exploited by some who wish to harm the anti-war movement.

This conference recognises that the Stop the War Coalition embraces individuals and organisations with a wide range of opinions. Individuals and organisations can take different attitudes towards the insurgency in Iraq, and which civil institutions in Iraq they support, while still uniting to campaign together for an end to the occupation and the withdrawal of British troops.

The conference affirms that we see diversity as a strength, and we deplore those seeking to split the anti-war movement.


Socialist Unity also nominated Andy Newman for the StWC national steering committee, alongside Swindon and Bristol StWC groups, and we are happy to report that Andy was elected.


February 2005


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