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Tax the Rich


No more growth of Swindon

Council housing

No to NHS privatisation

For publicly owned subsidised busses and trains



There are 70000 millionaires, who pay less tax under Tony Blair than they did under Margaret Thatcher.

The occupation of Iraq costs 5 million per day. It is scandalous that under a Labour government there is money for war but not for schools or decent pension

The following measures should be brought in immediately to shift the burden of taxation onto the greedy rich.

  • Introduce a top band of income tax of 60% for those earning over 60000, (comparable to the top band in the first 8 years of Thatcher's government). This would raise at least 19 billion per year.

  • Restore corporation tax to the level of 35% that New Labour inherited from the conservatives in 1997.  This would raise at least 12 billion per year.

  • Introduce a one off 10% wealth tax for those with assets of over 2 million. This would raise at least 10 billion.

During the course of the government further taxation of the rich should be introduced to bring about equality.