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No more growth of Swindon

Council housing

No to NHS privatisation

For publicly owned subsidised busses and trains

decent food in our schools

increase the minimum wage

defend refugees and asylum seekers

increase the state pension

tax the rich

no to ID cards

tackle the causes of crime

for fair funding for Swindon

fees not grants

end the occupation of Iraq

repeal Tory trade union laws


Andy Newman


"we need radical change in favour of working people and our families. We need to tax the rich to get more money for schools and hospitals. But under New Labour we see our services privatised and handed to greedy fat cats.  We need to put people before profit. It is a scandal that under a Labour government there is enough money for war but not enough to pay our old people a decent pension.

I believe that ordinary people can change the world for the better by campaigning. Against all odds local campaigners in Swindon saved Shaw post office from closure, and saved the community forest. A mass campaign also recently prevented the closure of Malmesbury maternity hospital, preserving the choice of Swindon women to use that midwife led unit.

Our current Labour MP, Michael Wills, is a waste of space. He is virtually a Tory, he enthusiastically supported the war on Iraq, and backs plans to let property developers ruin Swindon.

The same energy and enthusiasm we have seen in local campaigns is needed at a national level to eradicate poverty, defend the environment and stop wars. That is why we need a socialist MP.

New Labour are standing on the same policies as the Tories. Give Tony Blair a kick up the backside and vote Socialist unity"







Andy  Newman, the Socialist Unity candidate is secretary of Swindon Stop the war Coalition and is on the national steering committee.

. He is a prominent local campaigner against war and injustice, and  is often featured in the Swindon Evening Advertiser and on radio BBC Swindon and GWR.

For many  years he has campaigned for justice for Palestine. Without justice there will never be peace.

Between 1995 and 1997, Andy Newman led a successful campaign against the deportation of Mumtaz Begum,  a grandmother who lived in Broad Street.  The campaign won because it was able to win support right across the community, and also because it was prepared to defend Mumtaz by any means necessary. Andy Newman explains:  "Justice sometimes means you have to break the rules, we didn't comply with the deportation order, and we were able to get widespread support for that position across Swindon. "

In 2003 Andy Newman was chair of the successful campaign to prevent the deportation of Swindon teenager Inna Haville to the Ukraine.

Andy Newman is an active trade unionist. He is race and Equality Officer for the GMB union, as is on the Southern Regional Council of the union.

Andy Newman is a telecommunications engineer. His wife is a teacher and he has a 4 year old son.




In The Press

Let Battle Begin
In Swindon, candidates were delighted with the announcement and are now looking forward to the busy times ahead. Although the final date for nominations for candidates is not until April 19 five candidates have already announced they will stand in each of the Swindon seats.

Pushing to turn Blair and Bush  
TWO years ago, missiles were firing and bombs were dropping on Baghdad in the first wave of strikes of the Iraq War. But even though politicians claim that the war is apparently over, the conflict and the reasons for going are still as detested today by the Stop the War Coalition, as they were in the run-up to the conflict. That is why on Saturday several dozen anti-war protesters and their colourful banners left Swindon to join thousands on the streets of London.

We will not let them win here  
TRADE unions in Swindon have reacted to the increased activity of the far right British National Party by compiling a list of 12 BNP members with criminal convictions. Andy Newman who is race and equality officer for the GMB trade union in Wiltshire said the union was happy to expose the BNP's `dirty dozen'.

Bid to ban UKIP racist leaflet
A SWINDON campaigner is protesting at a leaflet he says incites racial hatred. Andy Newman has referred the UK Independence Party leaflet, which was delivered to homes in Swindon, to the Commission for Racial Equality.

Shoes send an eloquent message:
EMPTY shoes were laid at the war memorial in Regent Circus in a poignant memorial to British men and women who have died in Iraq. Swindon members of the Stop The War Coalition placed 85 pairs of shoes to mark the number who have died. Among those remembered were the ten servicemen from RAF Lyneham who died after a Hercules plane crashed in Iraq.

Immigrants' welcome in Swindon:
Politicians of all parties have a responsibility to counter the misinformation and ignorance that causes racism. Swindon has benefited hugely from immigration,

Tribute to Brian Clough:
SWINDON peace campaigner Andy Newman has had a tribute to football legend Brian Clough included in a biography. The book - "The Life of Brian" - features an introduction by former Robins boss Dave Mackay and will be in the shops by Christmas. Andy, who fronts the Swindon
branch of the Stop The War Coalition, said: "Cloughie was the most successful manager of his generation, but was never accepted by the establishment."

Standing up to be counted
THE mood was definitely subdued as our coach pulled away from Swindon College and there was quiet chatter as we made our way to the capital. For many of the Swindonians it was the first time they had been on a demonstration and you could tell some did not know quite what to expect. 

Andy condemns police anti-terrorism campaign:

But civil liberties campaigner Andy Newman thinks that the campaign is misguided "I think it's a terrible idea," he said. "They did a similar scheme in America and it just resulted in a lot of people phoning up about neighbours who were
just different from them. A lot of people have the pre-conception that Muslims are terrorists and may start making calls about their Muslim neighbours."

How we marched to the beat of the anti-war drum
FEBRUARY 18 2003: THE organiser of the Swindon Stop the War Coalition says Saturday's demonstration could herald a new age of democracy. Andy Newman, secretary of the group, said that, despite low election turnouts, the Stop the War march in London proved people still care about democracy.

Protesters storm council chamber
24 March ANTI-War protesters stormed into Swindon's Civic Offices for a two-hour sit-in. On Thursday evening, a group of 75 people from the anti-war coalition occupied the main council chamber to mark their opposition to the war in Iraq.

Statement on the resignation of Michael Wills from the government
It is welcome that following Michael Wills' resignation from the government he will be campaigning against the Common Agricultural Policy and for Trade Justice. However, we shouldn't forget that Michael Wills was an enthusiastic supporter of war on Iraq, perhaps because he didn't notice that Tony Blair's pants were on fire?

Anti-war pair off to Egypt
TWO Swindon delegates are to be sent to an international anti-war conference in Egypt. Andy Newman, the secretary of the Swindon Stop The War Coalition, and Deborah Schofield, who is also a member of the coalition, will be among more than 1,000 delegates from across Europe and the Middle East at the conference in Cairo on December 13.

Victory for Swindon teenager
The campaign to save Swindon teenager Inna Haville has ended with complete victory as Immigration Minister Beverley Hughes has given Inna indefinite leave to stay in the UK. Reversing an earlier Home Office decision that Inna should be deported to the Ukraine.

Call to join anti-BNP protest
THE head of Swindon Stop the War Coalition is to spearhead an anti-BNP protest on Sunday. Andy Newman is also a member of and spokesman for the Unite Against Fascism group.

Racists target dad on net
A PEACE campaigner has had his home address posted on a white extremist website by people claiming to be from the British National Party's Swindon branch. And the BNP says it couldn't care less. Andy Newman fears the entry on the British page of the American Stormfront site could provoke a terrorist attack on his young family.




Swindon Stop the War

Swindon Trades Council

Save Coate!

Swindon Civic Trust

Save Malmesbury Maternity Unit

Swindon Forest Protection Group




"Swindon needs a champion in Parliament who is prepared to put the needs of people and the environment before big profit. Andy Newman is the man for the job. He has been a tireless and passionate supporter of the Stop The War campaign and works to ensure that local social services are improved to help those who need them the most. I particularly value his contribution to the Save Coate! campaign. Andy recognises that the countryside and green open spaces in and around Swindon are not only vital for wildlife but also an essential ingredient of a healthy community and, as such, must be protected and enhanced."

Jean Saunders, Swindon Friends of the Earth (pc)

"I am pleased to have someone worth voting for - for the first time in years. The major parities have made a mess of Swindon, it is time for a change".

Gary Weston, secretary of Swindon railworkers union, the RMT (pc)

"I urge all trade unionists to support Andy. We need to build an alternative to New Labour"

Martin Wicks, Secretary of SwindonTrades Union Council, the TUC.  ( pc)

"I've known Andy for a number of years and have always been impressed by his sincerity and devotion to the idea of working for the collective good of the community."

Tony Huzzey, former Labour Leader of Swindon Borough Council (Thamesdown) 1986 to 1990, Deputy leader 1984 to 1986.




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