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They haven't got a chance

Jim Jepps


The Tories have decided they best not get too political in this election. Let's just leave it at "Feel let down? Give us a try!" Mr Howard frowns and says "Ooooo, that Mr Blair. Let's wipe the smile off his face!" and deep down I know, you know and he knows that he has not got a hope in hell's chance of getting back in.

Some of the left leaning papers in the mainstream have been trying to raise the possibility of a Tory win, I think in order to ensure that voters don't start slipping away into more radical territory. There is absolutely no justification for believing that the Tories may win the election although its fairly clear that Labour will lose some of its massive majority.

When the Tories fought the 2001 General Election they did so on a basis of xenophobia and Euroscepticism. Although these trends are still there, and formally these Tories are more bigoted than those four years ago really they are playing on the idea of vague disgruntlement. Because a large number of Tory MPs are businessmen and all their mates are quite happy its difficult for them to see what the real problems with this government are - and why would they? Blair is simply pursuing Thatcherism in a more confident and forthright manner than Major (the last Tory PM, remember him) was able to.

Having said that the Tories make me sick. Blah! The Tory hopeful for Dorset South (and very marginal Labour seat) quite rightly went on a demonstration to defend a Malawi family threatened with deportation, the Kachepa's. Then for his publicity he doctored the photos turning them into a statement for restricting immigration controls. I was genuinely enraged by this man - he does one decent thing in his entire life and he has to turn it into a message of parochial xenophobia. Typical Tories. Even Widdecombe was annoyed. Yes, even Widdecombe.

Whereas any New Labour MP would never have gone on the demo in the first place of course.

At this election the enemy is neo-liberalism rather than a mythical Tory bogey man. They wont get in and frankly if they did what would they do different? Be less smug perhaps? The Guardian may want to frighten you into voting for Labour AGAIN but the really frightening thought is a world without an alternative to these people, and the only wasted vote will be one for something in which you do not believe.

April 2005


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