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Elsayed Omar Selim, Basingstoke and Deane
Independent         and 

what do you think is the most important issue in this election?

"War on Terror" which exposes the current NEO Labour regime.

why did you make the decision to stand in this constituency and for this party (as an independent)?

I lived here for 9 years. This is my third attempt. I think I could do a lot
for this area and the country as a whole.

Most party candidates act like parrots since they have to talk, and stick to,  party lines. This is what I can't accept or do and hence I always stood as INDEPENDENT.

what kind of vote are you expecting on May 5th?

Can't tell because of the current political vacuum. Anything may happen, Basingstoke is a very Blue area though.

aside from the vote what are you hoping to get out of this campaign?

To bring to the attention of British people a number of issues that have been suppressed in the past ( see my mini manifesto in )

in your view what is the greatest threat to our civil liberties at the moment?

a- USA and the NEO CONs of America.    

b- a Majority government    

c- "War on Terror"  

d- ID Cards

Blair has taken us to war three times since coming to power (not including the occasional ad hoc bombing raid) in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq. Can war ever be justified?

NO, especially if it is not for purely self-defence.

There is very little left to privatise in this country, if you had your way what would be brought into public hands?

a- Railways 

b- Air Traffic Control   and  

c- Post & Telecom,    to start with.

Some environmental campaigners have started talking about nuclear power as a way to bring down CO2 emissions - what do you think of this?

Nuclear Power is OK if used properly.

Asylum and immigration will be central issues in this election. What action on this issue would you like to see the next government push through?

To be fair, just and human.

What question do you wish was on this list but doesn't appear?

This is it:
As an Arab Muslim, are you treated fairly in British elections?


April 2005



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