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Danny Lambert, Vauxhall, The Socialist Party (Great Britain)

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 what do you think is the most important issue in this election?

Capitalism or socialism? The continuation of the profit system or the establishment of a society based on common ownership, democratic control and production purely to satisfy people's needs.

 why did you make the decision to stand in this constituency and for this party (as an independent)?

The head office of the Socialist Party is situated in the constituency at 52 Clapham High St, SW4 and the party has contested many elections, national and local, in the area over the years.

 what kind of vote are you expecting on May 5th?

A few hundred people who have seen through the sham of capitalist politics and want to register a vote for a socialist society and nothing else.

 aside from the vote what are you hoping to get out of this campaign?

Publicity for the case for socialism; more local contacts.

 in your view what is the greatest threat to our civil liberties at the moment?

Probably the threatened introduction of ID Cards.

 Blair has taken us to war three times since coming to power (not including  the occasional ad hoc bombing raid) in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq. Can war ever be justified?

All wars under capitalism are caused by conflicts of interest between capitalist groupings over sources of raw materials, trade routes, markets
and investment outlets, and strategic areas and points to protect these, and none justify the shedding of a single drop of working-class blood.

 There is very little left to privatise in this country, if you had your way what would be brought into public hands?

All land and industries should be brought into the hands of the community under democratic control so that production purely to meet people's needs can be inaugurated. This is not the same as State ownership which is merely the state management of capitalism (state capitalism). We do not support "nationalisation" and never did.

 Some environmental campaigners have started talking about nuclear power as a  way to bring down CO2 emissions - what do you think of this?

We have no objection in principle to the employment of nuclear power in a socialist society but probably other options should be tried first.

 Asylum and immigration will be central issues in this election. What action on this issue would you like to see the next government push

We are not in the business of telling governments how to run the capitalist system. As far as we are concerned immigrants and asylum seekers are fellow-members of the working class seeking to better their economic situation. We stand for a world community without frontiers and reject all nationalism and racism.

 What question do you wish was on this list but doesn't appear?

Do you think that the capitalist system can be reformed so as to work in the interest of the majority class of wage and salary workers?

(Answer: No, as experience has confirmed many times, so why keep on trying?)




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