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Layton (Percy) Jones, Rhondda, Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales

Rhondda Constituency Office, 45 Heol Gelligaled Ystrad Rhondda - e-mail or Ty Gwynfor Park Place Cardiff
1. What do you think is the most important issue in this election?

For my constituency it would be i. The Iraq War. -  ii. Protecting present and future pensioners- By restoring the link pensions and earnings and scraping the unfair council tax and replacing it with a local income tax. iii. Health Service - I am committed to working with Assembly colleagues to reduce the scandalous waiting times, both in hospitals and GP's. iv. Parliament for Wales - The people of Wales must have a proper Parliament with law making powers.


2. Why did you make the decision to stand in this constituency?

I have lived in this constituency all my life and this was the only constituency I applied for.

3. What kind of vote are you expecting to have on May 5th?

I am hoping to win the seat - The current MP (Chris Bryant) is an ultra Blairite have have voted to - Close Post Office, top-up on student tuition fees, downgrade pensions and his biggest travesty supporting an illegal and unjust war in Iraq - He was a former Tory Councillor and people are disillusioned. Also we took this seat in the 1999 Assembly Election, but then lost it.

4. Aside from the vote what are you hoping to get out of this elections?

Firstly to oust the present MP and to build on the Plaid Cymru vote for future elections.

5. What is the biggest threat to civil liberties?

I D Cards

6. Blair has taken us to war 3 times since coming into power. Can war be justified?

Personally I consider myself to be a pacifist and would not support war in any instances - however I can sympathise when war takes place to stop fascism.

7. There is very little left to privatise in this country. What would be brought into public hands?

Undoubtedly the Railways - I would also call for the end of foundation hospitals and PFI schemes - also this government  is already considering privatising - Council Homes, the criminal justice system, the civil service and I would call for an end of that.

8. Some environmental campaigners have started talking about using nuclear power as a way to bring down CO2 emissions - what do you think of this?

It's a tricky one - but I cannot support nuclear power.

9. Asylum and immigration will be central issue in this election what action on this issue would you like to see the next government do?

Both the Tories and labour seem to be pushing the asylum issue and using scare tactics - these action inevitably can cause racial tensions - I don't think we should be having any quota system - and I think the government should work more with applicants that have been refused - they are often let in limbo. Without immigrating from whatever countries we would not have the workforce both skilled and unskilled that we need.

10. What question would you wish was on this list but doesn't appear?

Possibly a question on homelessness and housing





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