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Yvonne Hossack, Bury South, Independent


link / contact details for potential supporters

what do you think is the most important issue in this election?

the fact that all political parties just have cannon fodder in their teams whose purpose is to stick their arms up when the leader says "all say aye". so there is no independence of thought and no real - as opposed to set-piece - debates in parliament

why did you make the decision to stand in this constituency and for this party (as an independent)?

the government is trying very hard to drive me out of business to stop me working for disabled people and to deny them any chance of challenge to decisions which can end their lives. their reason is that they want to sell disabled peoples care and care homes for money and to save costs. my actions are a danger to govt both central and local because of political fall-out and because care is costly. if i get in I'll use my salary to pay off the debt to the govt funded legal services commission of 33,000 imposed because i spend "too long" with my disabled clients, send legal aid forms through the post to their relatives living 200 miles away "without good reason" and am not "suspicious enough" that old ladies may be lying to me about their savings. I've sold all my other assets to continue my work.

what kind of vote are you expecting on May 5th?

the signs are very good. 70% of those canvassed so far indicate an intention to vote independent

aside from the vote what are you hoping to get out of this campaign?

to stop the govt killing my clients and stealing from disabled children. to expose the lie that is Tony's 'vision' of 'integration' and 'independence' which in practice means closure of resource centres and reduction and rationing of care

in your view what is the greatest threat to our civil liberties at the moment?

This govts blatant destruction of the reputations and livelihoods of all those who say "hold on a minute, you're not telling the truth"

Blair has taken us to war three times since coming to power (not including the occasional ad hoc bombing raid) in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq. Can war ever be justified?

I am a pacifist so for me the answer is 'no'. however I can well see the argument of those who say it is justified to defend yourself if you are being attacked or to defend another country which is being attacked. I applaud the terrible sacrifices of those who give their lives in pursuit of their own beliefs which are different from mine

There is very little left to privatise in this country, if you had your way what would be brought into public hands?

In 1995 I seconded the only anti-administration composite which was to return the privatised utilities to public hands. how the administration tried to stop me... I was told that nasty people were trying to hinder my career because "we see you as an MP but not just an MP Yvonne". when this failed I was bullied and told I was "beyond the pale and we will remove you from your post as Constituency Secretary". all means of transport and all utilities should be in public hands together with the provision of care and medical assistance including dentistry and should be properly financed. I am not against private care and medicine but this should be a choice not a necessity.

Some environmental campaigners have started talking about nuclear power as a way to bring down CO2 emissions - what do you think of this?

there are grave dangers in this course


Asylum and immigration will be central issues in this election. What action on this issue would you like to see the next government push through?

I am very sad to see this election raise the worst of feelings in the public. Ours has previously been a welcoming country. no one leaves their home and culture and all that should make them safe without very good reason

What question do you wish was on this list but doesn't appear?

"do you agree that this govt is as like to socialism as coal is to diamonds?"





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