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Deirdre Henderson, Argyll & Bute, Scottish Socialist Party / Pàrtaidh Sòisealach na h-Alba
  link / contact details for potential supporters sspkintyre@hotmail.comhttp://www.ssp-highlandsandislands.org

01463 221939 Regional Organiser

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i.what do you think is the most important issue in this election?Poverty caused by international global capitalism, and the lack of the already elected parties to eradicate poverty both at home or abroad. It is clearly not high on their agenda. Maybe this is because these parties rely on the donations of big business and millionaires and none of them want to upset the status quo. As Nelson Mandela said a few months ago “Poverty, like apartheid, is not natural”. It is our disgrace that as one of the riches countries in the world we have people struggling and dying in poverty in our own country and we do nothing to stop the creating of dictatorships and poverty by the World Bank, the IMF and the American political administrations.ii.why did you make the decision to stand in this constituency and for this party (as an independent)? I live in one of the most remote mainland points of Argyll, Mull of Kintyre, and I can see how this area is deprived of hope by the decisions taken by an uninterested urban and distant government. It is important that people stand up for injustice and inequality and I felt that I should at least try my best to raise the issues that affect us. iii.what kind of vote are you expecting on May 5th? We had about 5% of the vote last time so it is unlikely that we can overturn the 30% that the Liberals have. However, we are a very new party and it is important that we raise our point of view and let the electorate see how we are different – how we care about the millions not the millionaires. Besides, if everyone who does not vote voted SSP then we would be overturning seats everywhere.iv.aside from the vote what are you hoping to get out of this campaign? Our Socialist vision of what Scotland could be if our wealth was redistributed to benefit the lowest paid rather that the powerful rich corporations and millionaires. your view what is the greatest threat to our civil liberties at the moment? The Terrorism Agenda. Terrorism is described as being attacks on the civilian population. The biggest terrorist in the UK is the Government who force poverty and distrust on powerless people in our country. The ID cards are something out of Nazi Germany and with Tony’s Little Red Book it is not surprising that he is taking us down Mao’s route of Totalitarianism. vi.Blair has taken us to war three times since coming to power (not including the occasional ad hoc bombing raid) in the Balkans,Afghanistan and Iraq.Can war ever be justified? I think we should be defending our borders from attack but most wars start from puppet Dictatorships / Totalitarian regimes put in place by the CIA and supported by the UK coming apart when either the population finally rise up against their oppressors (e.g Pinochet in Chile) or the Dictator gets too big for their boots (e.g Saddam Hussein). It is also noted that many wars are in countries that the CIA want to see a ‘stabilising’ compliant Dictator privatise their country’s wealth in the interests of the IMF and the World Bank, especially if those countries had democratically elected socialist or communist leaning populations / governments.  vii.There is very little left to privatise in this country, if you had your way what would be brought into public hands?Transport, Health, Prisons, Education, Oil, Post Office, Telecom, Banks, Power Companies – There will be more but this list is not exhaustive. Currently we are subsiding these essential services and resources whilst others fat cat companies squeeze our workers and taxes dry. There has never been any proof that the private companies do a better job or that competition actually improves standards for the consumer or worker. In fact all the evidence points to the opposite but the Labour, Tories, and Liberals’ financial backers still get the contracts. viii.Some environmental campaigners have started talking about nuclear power as a way to bring down CO2 emissions - what do you think of this? This is an interesting debate but one which I cannot see. There has never been an argument that discusses how these nuclear facilities are dismantled, and the environmental cost to the local people. If nuclear is so safe why don’t they site a new one on the Thames? I would like to see more discussion as to why home builders and other construction companies are not required by law to create zero energy using buildings, thereby reducing the need for increased energy usage. Why are not all homes and buildings audited and given grants to install renewable energy sources that reduce energy needs? I would love to see more investment in renewable energy on a domestic as well as commercial scale, with a specialist college based in Kintyre where we already have wind turbines (which are beautiful to watch) and a wind turbine factory. ix.Asylum and immigration will be central issues in this election. What action on this issue would you like to see the next government push through? I would like to see the underlying racist theme to immigration and asylum exposed and removed. In Scotland we need more people. 60% of immigrants are professional people, with presumably the other 40% being their spouses or other family. The biggest number of economic migrants comes from Australia but the media only focuses on people who are non-whites. There are 700 qualified dentists unable to work because they are refugees whilst people like me wait at least six months to get an appointment with a dentist, with some people being unable to register with a dentist at all. I know that some parties are talking about capping asylum numbers but really this is preposterous and illegal. x.What question do you wish was on this list but doesn't appear? Who funds your party?





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