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Name:               Graham Elliott
Party:                Green Party
Constituency:     Waveney

Contact details:   


what do you think is the most important issue in this election?
Climate Change, Peace and Public Services

why did you make the decision to stand in this constituency and for this party (as an independent)?
The Green Party philosophy very closely matches my own.  It is the only party that thinks long-term.

what kind of vote are you expecting on May 5th?
Who knows?  There are five candidates in Waveney.  If the electorate realise that only one of these candidates truly supports peace and truly defends public services then I may have a dramatic lifestyle change ahead of me!

aside from the vote what are you hoping to get out of this campaign?
Raise the awareness of green issues

in your view what is the greatest threat to our civil liberties at the
The "War on Terror"

Blair has taken us to war three times since coming to power (not including the occasional ad hoc bombing raid) in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq. Can war ever be justified?
There may be instances when military intervention by an International Force fully supported by the United Nations is justified.  The only instance I can think of from he last 20 years would have been to prevent the genocide in Rwanda.  None of the wars we have been involved with in recent years have been the appropriate way to achieve the stated goals.

There is very little left to privatise in this country, if you had your way
what would be brought into public hands?
Railways and Water

Some environmental campaigners have started talking about nuclear power as a way to bring down CO2 emissions - what do you think of this?
Nuclear waste, and the risk of nuclear accidents make this an unsustainable option.  Renewable energy (wind, solar, tidal) and massive energy conservation are essential.

Asylum and immigration will be central issues in this election.
What action on this issue would you like to see the next government push through?
"Asylum and immigration" are symptoms of an unsafe and unjust world.   We need to tackle global poverty and conflict to ensure nobody feels forced to take the enormous risks associated with migrating to a richer or safer country.
What question do you wish was on this list but doesn't appear?
Does the current electoral system represent the views of the electorate?


April 2005



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