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John Dennis, Dumfries & Galloway, SSP

Contact details : 31 Glencaple Avenue, Dumfries DG1 4SH

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Q1 The Redistribution of Wealth

Q2. An active socialist for 35 years - asked to stand by party branch

Q3  hard to say - new constituency

Q4 build the party

Q5 New Labour's scaremongering about terrorism

Q6 I'm not a pacifist - but it's hard to envisage any justifiable circumstances for a capitalist state going to war.

Q7 Everything that has been privatised by the New Labour Tories and the Tories

Q8 Crap! Cut down on electricity use by 100% grants for all (except higher rate taxpayers) to install insulation + solar panels in existing houses. Enforce them as standard in  all new houses. Invest heavily in tidal power. Invest heavily in free/low cost (non-privatised) public transport- Then (and only then!) ban private cars from town and city centres.

Q9 All refugees having the right to look for paid employment while their asylum application is being considered. Full access to public appeal procedures (with legal aid). Let's make them welcome here!

Q10 How would you propose to redistribute wealth in this country?






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