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Vote Labour or the Hamster Gets it

John O'Farrell


At this stage in the campaign I think it is very important that we avoid sinking to personal insults and name calling of the sort that we've been getting from those unprincipled scumbags in the Tory Party. We have to stick to the issues. And for me, one of the biggest issues is that we can't have Michael Howard as Prime Minister.

Image John and a hampster

Tories would bring back hamster hunting with dogs

It is terrifying to think that in a week's time we could actually have a Tory government. And if you just read that and thought 'nah, it couldn't happen' imagine exactly the same presumption in millions of other voters; all thinking that it's safe to abstain or vote against Labour this time.

There should, of course, be more to an election campaign than just being negative about the Tories. That Charles Kennedy is a waste of space as well.

But here are some important facts about the Conservative Party:

  1. Today's blame culture is all their fault.

  2. When they abolish the Winter Fuel Allowance and free TV licences, pensioners will be expected to burn their tellies to keep warm.

  3. Crime went up under the Tories (not surprising when you look at all the senior Tories like Archer and Aitken who ended up in prison).

  4. When Michael Howard last faced a leadership election he came fifth. There were five candidates.

Yes when they last had the chance to vote for him, the people who know him best decided that he was:

  • less appealing than John Redwood

  • less of a fresh face than Kenneth Clarke

  • less moderate than Peter Lilley

  • and less likely to win an election than William Hague.

So don't stand back and let the Tories win by accident. If it hadn't been for people who cared taking the trouble to vote, we would never have had the minimum wage, would never have had the NHS and John McCririck  might have won Celebrity Big Brother.

So please, if everyone who receives this email was able to persuade one wavering voter to back Labour, we could avoid another 18 years of Tory government starting on Thursday.

Pick one person you know and work on them non-stop from now until 5 May. The bloke I've chosen is still really angry with this Government but I've told him he has to move on and see the bigger picture. After all it was four years ago now and John Prescott didn't mean to punch him that hard...



May  2005


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