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BNP Results - Menacing Presence and Some Nasty Shocks
An initial assessment

David Landau


With all the other drama (well, melodrama) going on it would be easy to miss what is going on with the fascists.  After all the BNP did not get any seats so they might have disappeared under your radar.  But ignore them at your peril.

The BNP never expected to get any seats.  That was not their declared objective.  Their principal task in this election was to raise their profile and build their base in order to make an assault in the council elections in May 2006, where they really aim to get loads of seats.  Looked at from this point of view they have not done badly and in some ways have done better than they might of expected.

They had a whole range of percentages from down around 2% right up to 16.9% in Barking.  Mostly there were around 4-6%.  In most places they stood came 4th.  In many if not most places where they stood against UKIP they beat them.  This was better than the expected - their internal material indicated that they expected to loose out to UKIP and Veritas but that these votes would come to them in the local authority elections in 2006. 

Within this there were some scary results.  Most notably Barking where they came third (the only place they did better than forth) and came 0.1% of coming second.  If there had not been anti-fascist campaigns mounted by Barking & Dagenham Together, Unite Against Fascism and other local community groups they would have certainly come second - maybe with more like 20%.

Other strong results were in Dewsbury where they got 13.1% and Burnley where they got 10.3%.  They also polled strongly in Dudley North (9.7%), Stoke South (8.7%), but they expected to do well in these places and I am not sure if this is better or worse than they were expecting.  The real test in Stoke is the mayoral election, but the votes have not been counted yet. 

Where the BNP will be disappointed is in Keighley, where their leader Nick Griffin stood.  He got 4,240 which was 9.2%.  This is big and very worrying to us.  But you have to remember that in the General Election Griffin came second in Oldham and he was hoping to get into the 20% range.

Other fascist organisations did pretty pathetic - the NF ranged from 0.5 - 2.6%.  Gary Bushell of Sun fame (not the Socialist Unity Network!!) stood for the English Democrats in Greenwich and Woolwich and polled 1,216, 3.4%. Not a bonkbusting scorcher Gary!



April 2005


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