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Awarded the wooden spoonIt's all over - Galloway evicted

It will come as no surprise that George Galloway is the fourth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house tonight. Greeted to a roar of boos and cheers Galloway came blinking into the lights of the outside world, perhaps unaware of the level of media attention his presence in the house has achieved.

In fact in the circumstances Galloway looked very calm and relaxed, with an easy smile, looking rather pleased to be in the spot light. He was charming with Davina and emphasised the positives of his experience in the house. He described how those he had won over in the house had then chosen to vote against him and how the "electorate have short memories" - which was an interesting, if opaque, observation.

He said that although he was not pleased to lose the vote "there are people to see and things to do in the outside world." Well, quite. He looked genuinely surprised when he saw some of the press headlines from his time in the house and rather endearingly let out an understated "oh dear, oh dear" upon sight of them.

He was also quite open to self criticism saying he had "failed" to do much of what he'd tried to do and listed some of the failings he felt he had discovered about himself - which is hardly the George Galloway portrayed by his critics of a bombastic and self justifying monster.

In all he handled himself well upon eviction which will weight in his favour, although it would be difficult to undo the damage that had been done in his last days in the house, and obviously do nothing to address the recent 'revelations' in the press. He seemed genuinely surprised, for instance, that his impersonation of a cat warranted a mention at all, and may be surprised when he finds out just how widely this small instance of playfulness has been reported.

Finally Galloway said (in reply to Paxman's recorded message) that it had been worth a try to reach out to those the mainstream politicians have abandoned and that whilst touring and speaking to audiences of 500 was good, talking to an audience of 5 million was opportunity difficult to ignore.

It's likely that Galloway will have only just started his post-Big Brother journey and who knows where he will end up - it's probable that those trying to write him out of history are quite mistaken, but those who wish to justify the whole episode without recognising its negative features will be underestimating the damage Big Brother may have done to the potential allies and friends that Respect will dearly need in the future.


Link to GG interview with BBC, (audio) 




Professor David Wilson, who walked out as a consultant on Big Brother for ethical reasons, says ... ... "Reality TV is not only reinventing the freak show, it's about bedlam," he says. "It's the TV equivalent of slowing down to get a better look at the accident on the other side of the motorway. It's about getting a view of other people's misery. "Those who take part are considered odd or bizarre for wanting to do so, but they are merely products of a society that now holds fame above anything else. All cultural reference points are now rooted in being a celebrity, and not attached to having an intrinsic skill." He says there should be an independent body to regulate reality TV, and is also critical of the psychologists and other academics who take part in the shows and "endorse the programmes with a fig leaf of credibility".


This morning in the house

Galloway to leave House tonight

There's a double eviction tonight and our George is certain to be evicted, probably alongside US sporting legend Dennis Rodman. Of course it's not all bad news, the Respect MP will also discover that he has beaten the Telegraph's appeal against the massive damages awarded to him. This hasn't stopped the bobbies saying Galloway may face criminal prosecution (according to the Guardian today MP may face criminal investigation) which of course is not such great news.

For anyone thinking Mr Galloway might make it they should bear in mind that the bookies, who are rarely wrong, are offering the shortest odds ever on the MP being the first evicted tonight (1 - 20, meaning a 5 pence return on every pound you put on), this is after a string of incidents in the house where Galloway managed to undo all the good work he'd previous done.

But will his Respect comrades be as pleased to see Galloway as Davina? They may want to ask their sole Parliamentary representative some tough and searching questions - like what's Chantelle really like?


Galloway will be pleased to hear the Telegraph lost its appeal

Galloway wins libel award battle BBC

The Daily Telegraph has lost its appeal to overturn a £150,000 libel award to the Respect MP George Galloway.

At the Court of Appeal, judges agreed that the £150,000 damages awarded to Mr Galloway by High Court judge Mr Justice Eady in December 2004 should not be reduced.

"Given the seriousness of the key allegation Mr Galloway had taken money from Iraq for personal profit, we can see no basis upon which this court should interfere with the amount of damages."


Big Brother is watching GG

BB is very funny in places and research suggests that laughing is healthy. Remarkably, this is the first time that the broadsheets are covering BB, probably because of George, The Cat, Galloway, absentee MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, hereafter referred to as GG. On the whole GG seems affable, eloquent and a good sport. Any stupidity he presents revolves around tasks and the good of the group. He has an underlying desire to help Michael Barrymore to victory, so creating a wave of support to end Barrymore's exile in New Zealand. Conversely, after seeing GG turn on Jodie Marsh and call her a wicked (evil) person, I wonder how he perceives Saddam Hussein. Exposing all aspects of GG to a generation of young BB viewers might help, given that the representative streetwise non-celeb 22-year-old Chantelle didn't know what a gynaecologist was.

N E GOUGH Eldene, Swindon


How do our MPs find time for extras?

I THINK George Galloway has made a fool of himself on Big Brother. However, there is a lot of hypocrisy from other politicians complaining how Galloway should be spending his time working for his constituents. It seems impossible to turn on the TV without finding Dianne Abbott, or Charles Kennedy or Boris Johnson. Even before Galloway appeared on Big Brother the Cornish MP Julia Goldsworthy (Lib Dem) had signed up for Channel 4's reality show, The Games. But does anyone remember David McKeowen's crime novel Grip, published in 2005. McKeowen is the pen name of Michael Wills MP. How did he find the considerable amount of time required to write a novel, when he should have been devoting his time to his proper job representing the constituents of North Swindon.

A NEWMAN Swindon



The Guardian 

Labour MP Steve Pound gave his verdict on Channel 4's Richard and Judy yesterday: "He's gone from imitating a cat to wearing a catsuit. Next he'll be advertising cat food. I actually feel sorry for him because that's the only future he's got. When he returns to the House of Commons...He'll have a saucer of milk waiting for him and a litter tray." There is also the threat of a Serious Fraud Office investigation and the pictures in today's Sun of Galloway meeting Saddam Hussein's son Uday in 1999. And he's not very popular with his housemates either, with Preston declaring: "He will leave here a villain because he cheated and bullied."


The Times,,2-2009259,00.html 

SERIOUS Fraud Office investigators are trying to determine whether George Galloway should face charges in connection with the Iraqi Oil-for-Food scandal, it was reported yesterday. A four-strong team is said to have returned from the US having been given access to thousands of documents, including bank records, relating to the affair. Reports published in America have suggested that large payments, laundered through the Oil-for-Food programme, were made by Saddam Hussein to Mr Galloway’s wife and to his political campaign organisation. Mr Galloway, who was shut up in the Big Brother house yesterday and thus unable to comment on the involvement of the Fraud Office, has repeatedly denied accepting such payments and last year travelled to the US Senate to defend himself. He is predicted to be evicted from the house tonight. During his time there Mr Galloway has been ridiculed for pretending to be a cat and for wearing a leotard. His housemates turned on him yesterday after he launched a tirade of insults at fellow contestants. He was seen sitting alone reading the Communist Manifesto.


 WaveGuide UK 

Fresh controversy surrounds George Galloway today as pictures of the Respect MP apparently laughing and joking with Saddam Hussein's son Uday have emerged. As the MP started packing for possible eviction tonight, a video showing him shaking Uday's hand and vowing to stick with him "until the end" has been passed to the Sun newspaper. Uday is believed to have been responsible for the torture and murder of thousands of Iraqis before he was shot dead by US troops in 2003. Pictures have previously been published of Galloway meeting Saddam Hussein in 1994, when he told the dictator: "Sir, allow me to salute your courage." But the Sun says the new video of Galloway and Uday was made in 1999 during a visit by Galloway to an Iraqi palace. The newspaper reports Galloway spent 20 minutes with Uday at the end of a tour to highlight Galloway's Mariam Appeal, a cause to raise money for an ill Iraqi girl. During the meeting, Galloway reportedly joked with Uday about losing weight and going bald, ordering journalists not to publish parts of their conversation.


The Sun,,2-2006040109,00.html 

The Sun’s exclusive new footage reveals he also revelled in meeting crazed torturer and murderer Uday more than once. In the video Galloway. … Big Brother fans will be astonished that Galloway could sink so low. For Uday, dubbed The Wolf by terrified Iraqis, is known to have killed thousands of people.


I'm top of the world maGalloway loses a debate? Is that awight?

Astonishingly George Galloway has lost a political debate against that well know political thinker - Michael Barrymore!?!

The housemates were given a task to pair up and discuss different sides to political topics. George and Michael squared up over the great whose better UK or US, George taking the patriotic UK side.

Speaking for the US, Michael got all televangelic and gave a dramatic speech that borrowed from Martin Luther King and "New York, New York". He even got away with calling Traci "the American wet dream".

George had been giving some of the other Housemates debating tips, but even he was taken aback, saying, "Very good ... Totally unexpected," to his opponent.

George had to stick up for Blighty, and he spoke with fire and passion - though he didn't want to seem too down on his American friends, saying, "Some of my best friends are American." He sang the praises of the NHS, and concluded that didn't want the American freedom to bear arms.

Rapper versus modMore importantly for us here at Socialist Unity the debate on Capitalism versus Communism the left had the best advocate it could have hoped for - super cool Preston.

Capitalism was of course represented by the aptly named Maggot (who's actually a nice guy - but for the purposes of the debate - booooo)

In his presentation, Maggot, suggested that capitalism: "Gives you freedom of choice and choice of freedom," and cited his own song 'Your Mother's Got a Penis' as an example of what would be disallowed under a Communist state. And that would be a bad thing?

Preston described, movingly, how poverty was the worst dictator of all and that real communism was based upon equality regardless of sexuality, race or sex. Although whether budding public speakers should take note of his final debating trick by closing with the phrase "so fuck off" is a question that's difficult to answer, but perhaps it will catch on...


Centre Daily (Canada) 

Galloway has been in the thick of things in the Middle East, especially with Iraq and Saddam Hussein, though it’s sometimes tricky following his trajectory with Hussein. Most recently, Galloway appeared before a U.S. Senate subcommittee to deny charges that he had benefited from Iraq’s oil-for-food program. Now widely viewed as a Hussein apologist, Galloway regularly articulates arguments embraced by the anti-war left.   And then, apparently, he lost his mind. … The performance in question was via a television game show called “Celebrity Big Brother,” where people you’ve never heard of — or vaguely recall from some long-ago past — enter an isolated house for a lockdown and let the public watch whatever it is they do. …  Down on all fours, Galloway — politician, provocateur, polemicist — purred while pretending to slurp imaginary milk from the cupped hands of one Rula Lenska. …. Whatever Galloway may have had in mind, to put it charitably, there may be a lesson somewhere in here for the rest of us, and it has to do with fame, narcissism, self-awareness and that blasted camera. When the red eye of the camera seeks us out, we do lose something of our “selves,” if not our very souls.


Dodgy report sets out to undermine Galloway

A report has recently come out that has reached every paper ( for example in the Telegraph) that has named George Galloway as one of the most expensive MPs just under the Prime Minister and other leading figures in the government.

But what's that phrase? Lies, damn lies and statistics?

What they've chosen to do is divide the total expenses of the MPs by the number of times they've voted in the House of Commons. But who says that the number of times you vote is the real indicator of how good an MP you have? And incidentally it doesn't make you objectively more expensive - it only measures the ratio of votes per pound - how informative!

But of course many papers have jumped on this chance to attack Galloway - who is notorious for the 'limited' amount of time he spends in the house as he devotes most of his time to extra-parliamentary political activity.

Even the Telegraph article admits that "his total expenses bill was around the average for MPs" but then labels the article "Galloway named costliest backbencher" now how does that make sense?


C4's Big Brother Forum

The professor -   Posted 24-01-06 14:07 

I believe many people disliked him before he even went into the house and have readily latched on to anything he's said or done to confirm their existing beliefs (even though he was proven right in opposing the war) That's a pity because I think he's tried hard to be a sport and join in all the tasks. He really isn't any worse than the others in terms of bitching and I honestly believe C4 are revelling in the press attention they're getting by trying to humiliate him at every opportunity.

Darkhorse -   Posted 24-01-06 14:18 

But that just shows what a terribly poor judgement GG made by going in there. Everyone is talking about him at the moment purely because he's destroying his own credibility on national tv. When the show finishes people will not be that interested in hearing his political opinions when they have seen him behving the way he has.

Willow the Witch - Posted 24-01-06 14:26 

George Galloway is a repulsive egotistical childish bully. But i'm glad he went on the show, because he has shown the whole country what a two faced slimeball he really is. He expects respect but is not prepared to give it. He thinks he's the boss of the house.

Marvo Ging -   Posted 24-01-06 14:39 

The whole Iraq mess is down to US/Bush - Farenheit 9/11 exposed the whole seedy affair. But I still can't feel sorry for someone who condones Saddam, as GG does.

yyyyyy  -   Posted 24-01-06 14:54 

why feel sorry for him ..he went in there to make politics accessible .. and he has .. he has managed in his time to collect a possible £160 000 for his charity, he has riled the pro war, anti palestinian pro zionist nu labour neo con crowd by just being in the house and not getting voted out the first week despite the media campaigns against him. he is known to more people probably a younger audience, it is after all about recognition and thats half the battle in getting your message across. he will get plenty of telly and radio exposure he has proven himself to have a sense of humour, to be perceptive and to be part of the game. he has not behaved in any way differently than any other h/m .. and despite the way bb have engineered his nomination .. and the most important thing to him was his right to vote , his belief in democracy and he has been angered by the fact that it is so easy to deny justice through what appears to be 'democracy'. in fact the h/m voting him not to have a vote is telling us how democracy can be subverted into something else. would we really call it a democracy if blair now wanted to exclude one part of our society to have full voting rights.. and we voted and agreed with him? rules have to be applied to one and all, you cannot have it for the likes of gg and yet ignore them for maggot,prestons or chantelles of this world .. this is why he is angry. and this is the kind of world we live in ..where anti war personnel are vilified whilst those that start illegal wars killing thousands of people get voted back into power to continue with theoir lies and deceit .. but the uglies continue to vilify the anti war protestors .. how stupid is that?


Everybody dance nowGalloway to leave house on Wednesday (short of a miracle)

It's official everyone in the house hates George. After two extremely harsh punishments by Big Brother, deliberately designed to turn housemates against each other (after 'rule' breaking) the inmates responded like Pavlov's dogs and responded according to plan.

It's all part of the game of course, and it's how you choose to respond to these trials and tribulations that sorts the players from the played. Unfortunately George has not taken it at all well. First he turned on Preston accusing him of maliciously dropping him in the shit the day before. Preston, horrified, could not let it lie "You can't mean that" he kept repeating. Later, in an emotional discussion with Big Brother he described how he had begun to "idolise" the firebrand but it seemed "he had me fooled" and has peppered his remarks from that moment on with digs about cheating politicians "who'd have thought it?"

George visibly isolated himself from the group, clearly very angry. He spent much of Monday night sitting in silence grinding his teeth over and over. That's not winning friends George. Today, Tuesday, George has now turned on former close friend Barrymore describing him as the most self obsessed person he had ever met. But surely, agreeing to allow millions to analyse and watch you eat your cornflakes is ... oh never mind.

Even Big Brother is now in on the act awakening its captives this morning with the strains of a Cat Stevens number - CAT Stevens - gettit? The attempt to appeal to young voters was admirable but it certainly has not paid off inside the house. Target demographic Chantelle said this morning of our man "He's a cheating, conniving vile little man," and Preston announced he thought George is "a total k*** head" - this is the same Preston who described George as a positive father figure just a few days ago. "He's just sitting there reading his Communist Manifesto, giving one-syllable answers," continued the pop singer.

Anyway, George is to be evicted on Wednesday night, short of a miracle. There is to be two evictions out of three. The monosyllabic Dennis and the famous for not being famous Chantelle. Now, whilst it's quite possible George may fare better than Dennis it is simply inconceivable that the utterly inoffensive Chantelle is not the winner in that particular run off leaving Dennis and George out on their ears.

This means George fans - if you are sad enough to vote (and I confess I am not) you should vote Chantelle as George's only hope.

Text CHANTELLE to 84444 (50p plus your STD network rate)

call 09011 32 33 01 (calls cost 50p, mobile and other network rates may vary)

But if George is to help himself he needs to do more than grind his teeth!



George Galloway is up for an award - the Channel Four political awards - if you'd like him to come above Tony Blair and David Cameron you can vote  by phoning George Galloway 09011 27 27 04


Big Brother web-site - the nominations 

Maggot …  nominated George, saying: "I think it's about time he went back. I think his constituents deserve to have him back where he belongs. If he's going to continue breaking the rules, it doesn't help life in here."

Chantelle … picked George, saying: "He's shifty and really crafty. I feel like he's a bit smarmy."

Preston picked George, blasting: "He completely embarrassed himself. I thought the world of him. I was completely sucked in. It was all part of his little plan and I've lost a lot of respect for him."

Traci opted for George, describing the MP as "extremely two-faced, offensive and confusing. He feels this way about me, yet doesn't have the balls to say it to my face,"



Tireless fighter for insanityBut George is not the only political story in the Big Brother House!

You may have read in the papers how a civil case is to be pursued against Michael Barrymore for the death of a young man in his swimming pool some years ago - despite the fact that the police had chosen not to pursue the matter any further. BBC - Barrymore facing pool death case

The lawyer whose taken up the baton of "truth and justice" turns out to be a far right wing nut case, with just a dash of homophobic witch hunting thrown in to boot.

As a fully paid up member of Christian Voice he spends much of his time trying to censor brilliant stage plays and making pronouncements that are some way from loving his neighbour. Unless that is if the neighbour in question is his close friend, the ex-chair of the National Front.

Anthony Bennett (pictured) was thrown out of UKIP for continued far right rants including the one about how "Mohammed was a Paedophile", apparently. But as if being too insane for UKIP was not enough he turned his attentions to becoming leader of Veritas, a position he was unable to hold onto for any length of time due to ideological, cough, differences.

Rumours are about that he is not even a lawyer - but surely this must be a mistake? See for details. It seems Mr Bennett hopes to become a bit of celebrity himself - let's hope he becomes a household name really soon shall we?


The Daily Mirror

BIG Brother MP George Galloway could be hit with a double blow on Wednesday - eviction from the reality TV house and bankruptcy. The Bethnal Green and Bow MP yesterday found out he faces a public vote to see if he will be booted off the show. On the same day, Appeal Court judges will decide if a newspaper can overturn a judgment Galloway won against them. The Daily Telegraph was ordered to pay him £150,000 after he was accused of getting money from Saddam Hussein's regime. A reversal of that decision could saddle Galloway with a reported legal bill of £2million and bankruptcy. With Galloway almost certain to be kicked out of the house it could be a dark day for the controversial politician. His spokesman Ron McKay said last night: "The worst case scenario is that he would come out the house, be hit with a big legal bill and be made bankrupt. The bill would amount to around £2million and there's no way he could pay that. "If he stays in he will not find out the appeal result. However, we are confident he's not going to lose."


Once they were bosum buddiesBig Brother web-site 

Preston suggested that George was a cheat. Which didn't go down well. "You're a sneak and a liar," George retorted "and you're exposed to the world as a sneak and a liar." At this point Dennis added his two-penny's worth - and soon him and Preston were shouting at each other too. But George seemed most unhappy with the way things turned out, saying to Preston, "You float around promiscuously, stroking, metaphorically or literally, everybody's ass so as to protect your own. We saw on the screen your real character portrayed for all to see. And that's my last word."


Mark Steel from The Independent

via UKWatch at: 

And, if it does manage to wreck his fledgling party, at least he’s done it in an original and fascinating manner. The history of politics would be so much richer if say, accounts of the demise of the Whig Party read: “Although there were disagreements among the leaders with regard to the corn laws, the major factor precipitating their downfall was the occurrence in 1841 of Viscount Melbourne appearing on a flicker card clambering under a commode with Jane Austen while pretending to be a mouse on Celebrity Big Brother.”


Azania blog

There are millions of people who are not particularly interested in politics. People who don’t read much other than a daily tabloid. People who have heard over and over again, year in and year out - and in the vilest terms - what a nasty piece of work George Galloway is supposed to be. On the whole these people watch Big Brother - at least the daily digest, often more. No matter how disinterested they might be in politics, no one is ever going to be able to persuade them again that George Galloway is evil. And the next time Galloway makes an “important political speech” it is likely to be listened to with more interest and less cynicism than that of perhaps any other politician. Then Galloway will truly look like the cat that got the cream. Power to the people!”


Socialist Resistance

Big Brother - in its 'normal' as well as 'celebrity' version - is part of the cultural apparatus of late capitalism celebrating 'celebrity' itself. Non-celebrity contestants have the chance of becoming celebrities, if only - like 'Nasty Nick' - because they are famous for being regarded as hateful. Celebrity in this stage of capitalism is a uniquely debased and mystifying version of the Hollywood-created 'star system', generated in the 1920s and '30s. To be a 'celebrity' is to have charisma thrust upon you, even if you are the most uncharismatic Channel 4 horse racing tipster.

In addition, Big Brother celebrates one of the most threatening aspects of modern Britain - surveillence itself. Britain is the most monitored and watched society in the world, even if post-Patriot Act America is catching up. CCTV cameras capture nearly every moment of your journey through major cities, surveillence of the post, telephones and internet use is extensive, and the surveillence/security ' indusrty' is burgeoning


Scintilating TVRespect Blog 

My guess is that after he's evicted, or even wins, he'll have access to places he's never had before. The OK and Hello magazine types will be new audiences. Channel 4 may be muzzling him now, but that won't be the case when microphones are thrust at him from all directions afterwards. …
Meanwhile, away from the Parliamentary bubble, it does seem the tide is turning. An unnamed Labour MSP was cited in the Herald yesterday reporting that Galloway's CBB appearance was going down very well with pupils at a secondary school he or she was visiting. They thought more politicians ought to be doing things like that.


The Daily Mirror

GALLOWAY - YESTERDAY reminded everyone BB is just game, which they are all taking far too seriously. Today ranted: "I don't think I'm ever going to forget having my rights taken away from me. If I ever have the chance to repay those that took my rights...". At least he's consistent, eh?


Respect Blog 

Was it a mistake to go on celebrity Big Brother? I for one feel that the risk was worth attempting bearing in mind that a lot of money for charity will be raised. Millions of young people watch this TV programme and no one will ever be able to say George Galloway is a boring politician! The programme has been biased against George at all times (along with Big Brother’s Big Mouth) never showing him talking about the issues that concern him. Had George known the level of censorship I feel sure he would not have agreed to go on this programme.


Night nightBig Brother web-site 

Pete brought up George's ban from nominating, a wound that had been festering for days. When Preston objected to ancient history being revived, George went for the jugular. "Pipe down Mr Indignation. We'll see what the viewers thought of your double standards, your indignation about me and the aplomb with which you become a lying plutocrat in your gentleman's club. George this, Traci that, blah blah blah and give me another cigar!"


Digital Spy  

First Dennis and Michael began to row but then George stepped in to defend Dennis's corner. "I'm intervening," he began. "You're attacking him, let me attack you. You woke me up and because I wouldn't hand over one of my cigars - you threw a strop." He continued: "You never let anybody speak, so now this time you don't let anybody speak. Nobody gets one sentence into an anecdote with you. You should address the fact you don't have any loyalty to anyone... you are the most selfish, self obsessed person I have ever met in my life. So put that in your pipe and smoke it." Angered and shocked by George's accusations, Michael launched into an inspired rant. "Listen to what you're saying... I do all the cooking just for me, do I? You're worried about what's going to happen to you outside, how you're perceived. So the biggest thing, the easiest thing is to go for the easy target. George, you're going to be sorry for what you started here - what you did to the kids. If you're that sad George, it's no wonder Blair threw you out." "You never stop performing 24/'s all an act," George shot back. "You don't know the difference because you're a consummate performer yourself," Michael countered. "If you hadn't been nominated this wouldn't have happened. You're worried about going through that door, don't go through it, have a protest, sit down, do what you do. That is your problem, do what you do. I don't care when I go through that door. I care about me."


Respect Blog 
Never trust Big Brother!  Well it’s happened; Big Brother has made sure George Galloway will not win Celebrity Big Brother. They claim he was once again discussing nominations, which is against the rules (funny I have seen other House Mates such as Pete do this with no punishment). The other House Mates were allowed to decide if George could nominate this week and agreed he should not be allowed to nominate. Later the nominations occurred, minus George, and surprise, surprise George, Dennis and Chantelle (the 14 year old “princess”) were nominated. Of course this was not enough to make sure George did not stay till the last night of CBB. So Big Brother decided to have double eviction on Wednesday night! – goodbye George!


Big Brother web-site 

I cared a lot about you. You stabbed me in the back," claimed George.
Michael simply promised him: "You're going to be sorry for what you said to the kids, and you're going to be sorry for what you started here tonight."


Daily Mirror

PRESTON - LOVED him on George: "A cheating politician, who's have thought it?" Has proved he's more of a man than Galloway will ever be. "He hasn't even talked. I've tried to be an adult but he's ignoring me and being proper weird." I wouldn't even waste my breath if I was him. GALLOWAY - WHOEVER put him in that red leotard deserves a pay rise. And a knighthood. Adored him getting his come-uppance for being a total sleazy weasel and trying to worm his way out of it: "I said could, not would." Could woulda shoulda ...actually, shouldn'ta.


The Sun click here

MP George is prat it again

PUSSY prat MP George Galloway dresses up in a red leotard to make a fool of himself AGAIN. He slipped on the body stocking and danced around the Big Brother house along with cross-dressing Pete Burns. They had to portray an emotion using body-popping robotic moves. The MP pranced around to show “the slight feeling of bewilderment when a small puppy won’t come to you when called”. Housemates failed to guess the emotion Bethnal Green and Bow MP Galloway was trying to express. The embarrassing spectacle came just days after Galloway, 51, sparked outrage when he pretended to be a cat.


Glasgow Sunday Mail Sunday Mail

WHAT a lot of stuff and bluster from MPs about George Galloway sporting a quiff and pretending to be a cat on Big Brother. Do you know where your MP is right now? Do you know what questions they raise in Parliament or indeed if they never turn up and spend all day at the bookies? All the demos we saw on TV from "disgruntled constituents" were Labour Party activists in Bethnal Green who are raging because George ousted their candidate. Whether George has  done the right thing is debatable - but politicians trying to make capital out of it is hypocritical.


The Sun: Galloway in Death Threat,,2006000002-2006030466,00.html 

FANATICAL supporters of Muslim cleric Omar Bakri have denounced MP George Galloway as “an animal”.


Spiked on-line 

my favourite Galloway moment had to be his declaration in the diary room that the British public had done well to evict a Page 3 tart like Jodie, rather than a leading left-wing anti-war crusader like him. He had the gall to say this with a straight face, while wearing white face paint and a Dracula wig. Come back Jodie, all is forgiven.


Evening Standard 

As if things could not get any worse for George Galloway, he has now discovered the cardinal rule of trash-celebrity-reality television: don't mess with Big Brother.


Digital Spy 

George and Rula have sat down and sorted out their problems. During last night's surprise nominations, George accused Rula of having said she wanted to win. Rula decided to set the record straight, telling him: "I honestly never said anything to do anything with that word. The only thing I ever said was in Boxgate." "In that case," replied George, "somebody has misrepresented you. Someone said you had a few drinks - I don't want to say who it was - they said that you said that you had decided you were going to try and win it because you would be the first serious actress to win it." A confused Rula clarified: "No, I said that I was the first serious actress in the show. I said nothing about winning. I had no illusions about that. I saw within two days the immediate, obvious choice. I changed my mind." The pair then moved on to discuss the nominations without thought of whether they were breaking the very rules which landed George a spot nominating last night. "If I had been in with someone else," George confided, "that would not have been the three that I would have nominated, but given that I had to get agreement with the person that it was with, it was impossible to nominate anyone else in my opinion." He added: "You're wrong if you think it was an idee fixe in my mind. I had about five seconds if that to come up with names that the other person could agree with." George further explained that had he been in with another housemate, he would have nominated Preston and Chantelle, which would obviously not have been a possibility last night. "I had one idée fixe," he revealed, "and that was Traci. I would have nominated her under any circumstances. I could hardly nominate Dennis as well as Traci."


Respect Forum 

He needs to be more accountable to Respect because his actions reflect on all of us in Respect. Unfortunately he is so scrutinised by the media he has to be very careful about everything he says and does. On the plus side, I hope the National Executive will reign him in a bit and also push more people forward into the media spotlight so the public don't get the perception that Respect is just George Galloway or that it is GG's party, because it is not. So it was therefore great to see Salma Yaqoob (Respect Vice Chair) on Question Time tonight.


Digital Spy 

The Queen could decide to punish George Galloway under an ancient law, according to reports. The 1382 Summons to Parliament Act allows the Queen to "amerce" - arbitrarily punish - the politician if she believes he has not "reasonably and honestly" excused himself from parliament to appear on the show. "Every one to whom it belongeth, shall upon Summons come to the Parliament," the law states. "If any Person of the same Realm ... do absent himself, and come not at the said Summons (except he may reasonably and honestly excuse him to our Lord the King) he shall be amerced, and otherwise punished." Martin Salter, Labour MP for Reading West, was among those urging the Queen to enforce the law. "Should Galloway be prosecuted under this ancient law I trust that the Queen would deliver an appropriate punishment," he said. "In my view Galloway should be sent back to the Big Brother house for the rest of his life with the instruction to perform deeming impressions of every animal that walks the earth."


The Sun,,2006000002-2006030081,00.html 

MP George Galloway used a Big Brother task to pontificate about his credentials as a political leader. The housemates were instructed to paint self-portraits and to explain their feelings about their creations. If they completed the task they would win alcohol, cigarettes and cigars. George painted himself speaking at the February 15 2003 anti-Iraq war protest. He told the housemates: "My face is white because it was the coldest day for years. "My eyes are red because they were flushed with anger and passion and I am breathing fire." He told how two million people surrounded him and pointed out that his hands were always open when speaking. "My back is straight and broad because I am a straight-forward person and I have had to have a broad back," George said.


Respect Forum 

Perhaps a small group could have been consulted, like the officers group? I think it's a bad thing that the 'up side' of this adventure is for Galloway's celebrity career, while the 'down side' is for Respect as an organisation. When you say "there will be a better framework for such discussions to take place" in future: I don't think that is guaranteed. If this is accepted as a precedent, if it decellerates Respect becoming a party, then we might not get to where we need to be as quickly as we could!


George's self portrait, painted in the houseGeorge Galloway has faced a grievous punishment from Big Brother

George and Preston, caught up in the great race row earlier today held an 'illegal' conversation about who they had nominated for eviction from the house despite having previously been warned about this banned activity.

After Faria's eviction it was revealed that the two 'law breakers' would be punished, and that this punishment and the aftermath would be shown live later that evening.

What a punishment it was! Preston (the worse for drink) and George were called to the diary room and told they had to nominate three people for the public vote as their punishment. What they did not know was that their conversation was being transmitted to their housemates in the living room - and constituted public humiliation.

They nominated the inoffensive Maggot, quiet Traci and the motherly Rula, leaving un-nominated the most boisterous and fractious members of the house.

Whilst most of the housemates have focused, understandably, on their hurt feelings and recriminations for being nominated by the pair - there has been precious little discussion on how this punishment will have effected the standing of the two wrong doers in the house and could well lead to their vilification and expulsion from the house. Nor it seems is there much understanding that the pair did not choose to have the power to nominate their fellow housemates.

Of course Preston has already been let off the hook because he's young, pretty and isn't George Galloway. George has remained stoic but is visibly shaken by the episode that has palpably distanced him from turned the majority of the house. He'll have to pull a special trick out of the bag to turn this around, but on current form George is unlikely to be able to do this - as he is currently struck mute.

Big Brother could not have thought of anything more effective at destroying George in the house and ruining his previously ultra-close relationship with cat lover Rula. The coming days are likely to be dark ones indeed. But of course, that is the game.


Right on George; from Big Brother site

George Galloway has been cleared of any wrong-doing in signing motions put before the Commons during the time he has been on Celebrity Big Brother.

Speaker Michael Martin said it was "clear" the Respect MP had signed the motions before entering the Channel 4 TV show's house earlier this month. Labour's Chris Bryant had asked if it was "entirely in order". But Mr Martin told the Commons - to laughter - that he was "satisfied" Mr Galloway had acted correctly. He said: "It was clear to me that the motions were signed before the honourable member went out of contact." Early Day Motions signed by Mr Galloway ranged from one congratulating Harold Pinter on being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature to another attacking the "obscene level" of city bonuses.


Galloway winning over fellow housemates (if not the press)

At last nominations George found four fellow housemates nominate him for eviction, but public distaste for the world's worst anti-bullying campaigner, Jodie Marsh, saved him from eviction. Now, after two housemates described George as their ideal father George has cut his nominations in half. He received one from Mr Barrymore whose pouting jealousy at George's generous gift of cigar's to Pete led him to nominate our man. Traci, a Baywatch actress, also nominated George because he broke up an argument between herself and another housemate - it takes all sorts!

But who did George nominate himself? The Big Brother official site reveals "George proved that he's not one for extremes by nominating Traci for eviction. He believed her "extreme vegetarianism" was causing problems, that she was withdrawn from the group, and that she kept provoking Dennis.

His next nominee was one-time soul mate Faria, who he described as being ill, depressed, not having much to say, and famous for only one thing. Kick a girl while she's down why don't you? "


Sun Online

"You're a fucking star Pete",,2006000002-2006020650,00.html 

A RACE row engulfed the Celebrity Big Brother house today. Black celebs Dennis and Traci Bingham along with Faria Alam were at the centre of the storm which rocked the house for nearly two hours. The row started after Faria said the British public would not vote for a black or Asian housemate to win the reality show. .. ...      When Faria joined Traci in the kitchen Rula told her: "I believe your opinion of the British public is wrong." MP George Galloway also jumped in and said: "The idea that people watching this show are bigots are preposterous."


Digital Spy

George and Rula have advised Chantelle on her next move when leaving the house. The pair believe the newest entrant to the showbiz world could have a career as a soap actress - and even a limited spell in the music biz. "Don't say yes to everything because if you take one wrong step, you might get offered nothing else," George warned. "Say for instance you did Page 3, you'd be finished for other things." ... "No, she can't sing," said George bluntly, but added: "If it's possible to release one Kandyfloss single - this one - I think you should do it, right away. But I don't think you've got a career as a singer because I've heard you sing." ... ...  "I would just let her be herself," said George, imagining himself as her agent. "Say for instance in EastEnders, she could be in the counter behind the caff."

Ireland on-line 

Irish Greens urge Galloway to quit Big Brother

Big Brother star George Galloway is squandering his talents by remaining on the Channel 4 freak show and must get out now, Irish Greens claimed today. Greens chairman John Gormley said the Respect MP is demeaning himself by behaving like a cat and arguing about cigars with fellow contestant Michael Barrymore. The Dublin TD said: “Mr Galloway is a brilliant orator and campaigner but these talents are not on display on Big Brother. Galloway should cut his losses immediately and get out of this freak show.” Mr Gormley also accused Mr Galloway of demeaning himself and discrediting the anti-war movement with his on-screen behaviour. “His discussions on the war have been censored and instead he has been shown engaging in petty intrigues with other housemates. “As an experienced politician George should know that recorded shows hand the initiative to the editor.” Mr Galloway has contributed enormously to the anti-war movement with his passion and conviction, Mr Gormley claimed. “I believe he will regret his decision to participate in this awful programme,” he added.


 Tete a teteDaily Mirror

Link to the Mirror 

GALLOWAY - The feline fool is now adding bossiness and ' big-headedness to his list of crimes. During the box task said: "If we go through this I will win. No one can defeat me." Thank God he didn't win, he'd have been like the cat that got the...oh.


 Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) 

LONDON: A charity that stands to make a six-figure sum from the MP George Galloway's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother is at the centre of a row between Britain, the US and Israel. After days of controversy over Mr Galloway's antics in the Big Brother house, it is understood that Israel's ambassador to London will hold urgent talks with a Treasury minister this week to demand action be taken against Interpal, the MP's chosen charity. The US is also putting pressure on ministers to blacklist the charity, which President George Bush has declared a terrorist organisation. Interpal, established in 1994, describes itself as "a non-political, non-profit-making British charity that focuses solely on the provision of relief and development aid to the poor and needy of Palestine". It will benefit from Mr Galloway's appearance fee, expected to be £60,000 ($141,000), and an estimated £100,000 from the show's text-message voting. Interpal has twice been the subject of investigations by the Charity Commission. On each occasion it found no evidence of links to terrorism. Despite this, Mr Bush recently blocked the charity's bank account and declared Interpal a "specially designated global terrorist" organisation. Interpal's website says it operates in Gaza, the West Bank and Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon, and works with about 150 registered charitable organisations in these areas. An investigation by the Charity Commission in 1996 found there was no evidence of any channelling of its funds towards the training of suicide bombers.

 Daily Telegraph 

Michael Martin, the Speaker of the House of Commons, is to investigate how George Galloway has managed to sign a series of early day motions while appearing on television show Celebrity Big Brother. The inquiry follows a complaint from Chris Bryant, the Labour MP,  that Mr Galloway's name has appeared on 12 early day motions since he entered the Big Brother house. Contestants on the show are not allowed contact with the outside world. "I wonder whether this is entirely in order for an MP who is not present, has no means of being in communication with this House, still to be able to sign early day motions," said Mr Bryant. "I do know that some MPs give authority to another MP to put their name on such a motion," said Mr Martin. "But I can't think of any Member who would do so in this instance. "I will look into the matter. That's the best I can do and I will continue watching Big Brother in my spare time."


Big Brother web-site 

It's 1963 all over again. The Mods are squaring up to the Rockers and it's gonna kick off on the dancefloor. Well, that's the idea. Mods Faria, Preston, Maggot, Traci and Chantelle took on Rockers Dennis, Rula, Pete, Michael and George. "We wore knuckledusters," confessed former rocker George round the table as he waited his turn. Perhaps, he was just giving a gentle nudge to his Housemates not to mess with his dinner plans. George, looking like an extra from Grease, unveiled his inner rocker .


The Guardian

Link to the Guardian 

A spokesman for the Bethnal Green and Bow MP dismissed the complaint [about signing early day motions] as a "pathetic new Labour stunt". He added: "All of these early day motions were signed before he went in - as any check will establish. All were signed on the 3rd or 4th. He signed them with his own hand." The MP entered the other house on January 5.

Cambridge Evening News 

Tom Woodcock, a member of the Cambridge branch of Mr Galloway's party Respect, defended his Big Brother appearance and said it was "nothing short of bizarre" a cat impression had provoked such interest. He said: "A fortnight ago the mainstream media and politicians didn't care about the constituents of Bethnal Green and Bow, or the millions of Britons who are having their council houses, public hospitals and schools lined up to be sold to multinationals while our tax money is spent in Iraq helping George Bush secure contracts for the same profiteers. George Galloway has an excellent record of campaigning in his constituency, as well as nationally and internationally, against New Labour wars, cuts and sell-offs. His decision to go on Big Brother has again frightened the pro-private politicians and the corporate media into telling mistruths in an attempt to wash over the political issues that Respect stands for."


Big Brother web-site 

During a civilised chat over a beer, George took an interest in Goldie Looking Chain and asked Maggot about the long-term potential of the band. "Does it depend on that style of music staying in vogue?" he enquired. … Steering the conversation away from the music itself, George adopted a fatherly approach:
"Well look after your money when it comes," he advised. "it's very easy to live the high life. Big mistake. Don't p*** it against the wall, spending it on things where you've got nothing to show for it. "You're not going to be jumping around like that when you're 50" he cautioned. Tell that to Mick Jagger, George... … Continuing his careers advice, he suggested, "The thing is to get into production and management of other people, get on the other side of the camera when you're 50."


BBC news 

George Galloway is facing a House of Commons motion against him for taking part in Celebrity Big Brother. The motion, authored by Labour MP Martin Linton, expresses "dismay" at his decision to "absent" himself from the House to participate in the show.  Respect MP Galloway missed a debate on the London Crossrail scheme, said to have "direct consequences" for his Bethnal Green and Bow constituents.


Did I forget to tell John Rees i was going on Big Brother?

The Scotsman

Galloway aide admits TV fiasco

Yesterday his press adviser, Ron McKay, acknowledged that Mr Galloway's appearance on the Channel 4 TV show had badly backfired. Mr McKay revealed the MP would refund to taxpayers the amount of his parliamentary salary he has drawn during his stay in the house. He said Mr Galloway seemed unhappy in the house and was "withdrawing into himself". Contestants were joined over the weekend by Sir Jimmy Savile on a mission to make some of their dreams come true. Mr Galloway asked to go to the Oscars. Mr McKay said: "I knew the worst-case scenario would turn out to be something like this." He added: "George takes advice, but he is not a man that you can tell what to do."


Language please!

The normally polite George Galloway was so moved by Pete Burns (formerly of Dead or Alive) that he exclaimed "You're a fucking star!" as he attempted to persuade the fellow showman to remain in the house. Whether this sailor's talk will have done the trick... it's too early to tell.

Later to Faira he came out with this intriguing gem; "There are lots of things I do that I wouldn't want to see in the papers." Frustratingly Faria did not press George on what these might be, but he did add "But should they appear in the press, I'll have done nothing I'm ashamed of." That's the spirit George.


What did George ask for Jim to fix it for him?

Jimmy may have been a wit and a raconteur, entrancing the Housemates with his poptastic tales of yore, but he had ulterior motives for visiting the House. In the spirit of his classic TV show, Jim'll Fix It, he asked each of the Housemates to write him a letter with a special wish they wanted fixed...

George [wanted] a trip out west to Hollywood's annual celebrity pile-up at the Oscars, although he was careful to specify that he walked down the red carpet with the love of his life on his arm.


Respect Forum

If he comes across badly, it will be us members on the ground who have to answer for him. This was from an earlier post and I totally agree with this. It is the activists in all areas who are struggling to help build the coalition without resources or help from the national office, as made clear at the conference, who will have to answer for George's actions at stalls, when leafletting at meetings etc.
I don't want to spend my time defending George Galloway he isn't all that Respect is about. I think going on BB was an error of judgement. I am not a follower of the programme and find the whole idea of it disturbing. I have watched a couple to see how George is coming across and nothing I have seen changes my mind that it is an error of judgement. I have heard him complaining that no one wants to engage in serious discussion or is interested in his experiences but I'm sure any one of us could have told him this would happen. He has said he wants to reach a different audience but there are people I have talked to about Respect who are not normally politically active who were being swayed by Respect's policies and are now totally put off and see his actions as a joke. Does he not see the damage it can do? Jane Clements


Guardian George

With luxury items in short supply in the House, Preston has devised a plan to make his cigarettes last longer. ..

"I've given all my cigarettes to George," he revealed to fellow-smoker Michael. "So I have to go and ask George whenever I want one."

"Oh God," responded Michael, alarmed at the concept. But there was method in Preston's madness.

"I respect George so I'm not going to ask him for a cigarette unless I really want one," predicted Preston.

"But you could give them to anybody," argued Michael.

"No, George is different," replied Preston. "I wouldn't ask him as much as I'd ask you, for instance."

"Like a schoolteacher," suggested Michael.

"Exactly," Preston replied. "It's like giving them to your dad."


The Times Let's cringe together:,,24390-1985592,00.html 

Galloway is a buffoon, puffed-up with self-importance and unaware of the hilariously ridiculous figure he cuts.


Respect Forum

Will this unusual move by George Galloway mean he gets to promote the message about Respect? Or will it undermine everything that has gone on before? In a time where suggestions at the National Conference about message boards, newsletters and time spent in front of computers are condemned as being a waste by National Council members, is spending three weeks locked in a house directly in the public gaze a good idea? Certainly this manoeuvre will raise George's profile, but it is my own opinion that one of Respect's challenges is to prove that there is more to the party (sorry, Coalition) than just George.


Oh my good God (From BB site)

Big Brother Official web-site

Count dribbler can barely contain himself

Tonight's fright of the living dead party turned into a real thriller as Rula performed a striptease, raising cheers (and George's eyebrows) in the process. To the tune of 'Oh what a night' courtesy of the other Housemates, Rula decided to ditch the mummy outfit in a daring fashion. While the others applauded and cheered her on, George looked decidedly less undead than he had a few minutes earlier. And while Rula wriggled her way out of her bandages, George stared open-mouthed struggling to contain his delight. "Very nice," he murmured before giggling like a schoolboy. Managing to compose himself George asked Rula if she was performing the dance of the seven bandages.

Pete has revealed that George would be his ideal father and he's desperate for the MP to stay tonight because he can't cope without him. "I'm really scared George will go," the pop singer confided in Rula this morning. "He's so important in the structure of this House." Rula, a fellow Georgite, agreed: "He is a sort of controller, he provides balance." However, Pete's feelings for the politician went further. "If he went it would be like having a dad taken away," he blurted fearfully. "He rationalises everything and he's right about everything. He's the father I would dream of." "And he's a good listener," added Rula, triggering more outpourings from Pete. "Without him I could have resorted to bad ways in here," he continued. "I can get hysterical. I'm surprised they haven't had to take me out in a straightjacket. "God, he'd be my ideal dad," he concluded longingly.


The Age - Australia

James Sibthorp, 47, who runs an East End cab company, said: "It is an insult to local people that we've got our MP acting like a fool pretending to be a cat." Monir Ali, 50, a tailor, said: "I think a lot of people are regretting voting for him. A man of his importance should not be on a program like that." Mr Galloway's spokesman said he wished the cat episode "had not happened" and claimed the MP had been misled by the program makers and had his views on war and poverty censored. Big Brother producer Peter Bazalgette said the show was simply adhering to the broadcasting rules on political balance.

Rolled Up Trousers - Moslem Affairs Blog

Gorgeous George has come under an unprecedented amount of flak, even by his standards. The amount of opprobrium is too vast to list here. The criticisms are full of inaccuracies. I've responded to the misrepresenting constituents argument here and here. But this article in the Independent by Terry Kirkby (see full article below) could have been penned by the Labour Party themselves. Oddly if you Google him, nothing in journalism comes up. So maybe it was. For a start he quotes Muslims Sirajul Islam and Murad Qureshi slamming Galloway. Kirkby does not point out that they are Labour councillors and Labour London Assembly Members respectively, not just some man off the street commentators. The other commentator was Abdal Ullah of the Metropolitan Police Authority. Again, Kirkby does not report that he was a Labour party candidate for the London elections and here is a picture of him brown-nosing with Charles Clarke. On the flip side, the "one voice of support" Kirkby found was Azmal Hussain, who Kirkby was very keen to point out was a Respect member. Meanwhile, the protest outside Galloway's surgery was orchestrated by Labour HQ, as was the website telling us how much the appearance on BB has allegedly cost the taxpayer. Not so much a "groundswell of opinion" spontaneously arising from the community then, than a typical New Labour stage-managed and orchestrated witch-hunt against the biggest thorn in their side.  ... ... I've worked in Parliament, and most MPs sit on their backsides all day.


Neil Williams gushes for Respect blogspot

Sitting at home watching Celebrity Big Brother I couldn’t help noticing George Galloway in his dressing gown looked so much like Yoda, the all knowing, “wise one” from Star Wars. I could almost hear him saying to Michael Barrymore “go with the force Michael; don’t turn to the dark side”. Perhaps I have been watching too much TV of late? Over the last three days I have received dozens of E-Mails to the Respect Blog, both in support and against George going into the Celebrity Big Brother House. The usual New Labour Party suspects have enjoyed themselves having a pop at George. One thing for sure, no one will ever be able to accuse George Galloway of being a “boring” politician!  ... ... Who will be one of the leaders of the Iranian anti-war movement and resistance for the “force” of good over Darth Vader (the Invader and war criminal Tony Blair) and the Dark Side – you guessed it none other than George Galloway – Yoda a force for “good”. We should be thankful that in the progressive movement in the UK that we have such people as George Galloway and others that are willing to stand up and be counted when all around them other men and women cringe and hide in the shadow of the New Labour Party.



George as a cat in rula's lapBig Brother Offiicial web-site

George seems to be gaining some unlikely allies in the House. Preston and Chantelle, previous critics of the MP, are starting to warm to the cat-imitating politician. But fellow nominee Jodie is still not a fan.

"George is being pretty sound, I don't think he'll go," said Preston, as the young trio chatted in the pool. Chantelle, who recently complained that George "does her brain in", has also had a change of heart. "I think I've misjudged him," she admitted.

Jodie has been called a lot of things by her fellow Housemates this week but it seems they have at least one good thing to say about her... she's not stupid. Early risers George, Michael and Rula discussed the Essex girl's improved change of mood this morning, before their younger, lazier companions had stirred. "She showed last night she's not a stupid girl, not at all," said George, an element of surprise in his voice. "I never thought she was," replied Michael. "I did," George retorted dryly. The dressing gown-clad trio mulled the issue for a moment. "You've got to be quite bright to look stupid," quipped Michael, to George's appreciative chuckle. "She put in a real effort last night," opined Rula proudly. "She can be very nice," agreed George. He took a reflective puff on his cigar (bit early for that isn't it, George?), before uttering words we thought we would never hear. "She's quite good company," he said, his voice still retaining its slightly incredulous lilt. Steady on there, George - you'll be inviting her out for a drink next!



New Politics Network: Big Brother censoring politics$15132748.htm

Think tank New Politics Network has criticised the producers of Celebrity Big Brother for censoring any political remarks made by George Galloway on the programme. "Peter Bazalgette of Endemol [the chairman] has repeatedly claimed that politics should be made more like Big Brother. "Here he has a golden opportunity to show us what he means but he has ducked it." Director Peter Facey told "While George Galloway has an unfortunate habit of missing important debates and votes in the House of Commons, his constituents knew what they were letting themselves in for when they elected him.


Big Brother Officiall web-site

When asked about tonight's eviction result, George greeted Big Brother with a huge grin, saying, "I'm relieved, it [the result] has restored my faith in your audience." "Tensions were absurdly inflated," he said and explained how he was looking forward to a new start in the House and a more 'harmonious future'. When probed about the other Housemates' perceptions of him, George suggested he might be seen as an 'elder statesman, a figurehead, hopefully an organising influence' and possibly a 'unifying figure'. And his manifesto for the rest of his time in the House? "To stamp on any further divisions and head them off before they gather any steam," he affirmed, resolutely.


Los Angeles Times,0,2085996.story?coll=la-headlines-world 

It was difficult to tell how much of the British outrage against Galloway's appearance was being orchestrated by political opponents, including the largely right-wing tabloid newspapers and the Labor Party, which narrowly lost a Parliament seat to Galloway, who ran on an antiwar platform. He ousted one of Prime Minister Tony Blair's political favorites, Oona King. But a website set up by a constituent, called Get Back to Work, George, reportedly has been receiving thousands of hits a day. Rob Hoveman, a Galloway supporter and aide from Respect, defended his boss in a television interview Friday. "The principal reason that George went on 'Big Brother' was to get across to a new generation of potential voters his antiwar, anti-violence and anti-Blair message," he said. "Now, he knew that in the course of that there may be the odd indignity to suffer. What he didn't know was that Channel 4 would censor all of his many political contributions in the house."


The Sun,,2006000002-2006020196,00.html 

Jodie's tantrums in the house have turned you off her as she polled a whopping 42 per cent of your votes to be the first celebrity ejected from the Big Brother house. George came second in 36 per cent of the vote while 22 per cent of you thought cross dresser Pete should get the boot.


Daily Telegraph 

Watching Celebrity Big Brother is like guiltily opening a letter addressed to your wife. Big Brother is loathsome voyeurism. You must bear that in mind to retain sanity. So what was George Galloway, an intelligent, educated, extremist politician, doing there? What possessed him to plunge into this foul paddling pool? It might sound pretentious, at least to BB fans, but his fate is exactly described by T S Eliot in his poem about modern nihilism, The Waste Land. Eliot begins with the plight of the Sibyl of Cumae, who, in return for a sexy night with Apollo, was given unending life without unending youth. She shrivelled. "With my own eyes I saw the Sibyl hanging in a jar at Cumae," says Trimalchio, as quoted by Eliot, "and when the boys said to her, 'Sibyl, what do you want?' she replied, 'I want to die.' " That is how it feels to watch Celebrity Big Brother day and night for 10 days. Mr Galloway, a few days ago, said: "There's only so much about plastic surgery and genital humour I can take." But there was much more to come. Mr Galloway is Tiresias in The Waste Land. "Tiresias, although a mere spectator and not indeed a 'character'," says Eliot, "is yet the most important personage in the poem, uniting all the rest."


The Hollywood News

Did anyone else find that part of last night's Celebrity Big Brother as cringeworthy as I did. I was in fits of giggles, at the same time, my body twisting away from the screen as MP George Galloway pretended to be a cat in front of Rula Lenska who stroked his hair and fed him 'pretend milk'. Good grief. The charade was purely for the team to complete a task, and fair play to the bloke though. I'd have to be very drunk to even attempt somethig like that. I'm actually warming to the guy though. Well, it's eviction night tonight and here at THN we're backing Galloway. Vote to evict Jodie, vote to evict Burns, just keep this cool as ice character in!!! The show will not be the same without him! SAVE GEORGE!!!



Daily Telegraph 

As he sat smoking a cigar, conversing with Rula Lenska, 58, the actress, Galloway asked: "How do women get breasts that size?" … As the youngsters romped in boredom behind a window, Mr Galloway mused: "What is amazing is how quickly you get used to the nudity." He sounded like Lord Curzon remarking on how surprisingly white the skin of bathing soldiers was. … As he pretended to lap milk from Rula Lenska's hands and purred, she stroked him, saying: "You just like being alone with your mummy, don't you?"  In Big Brother he has learnt about the lower classes, eaten and slept with people whose interests he had never divined.


David Aaronovitch in the Times,,2-1984485,00.html 

As Zoe Williams put it in The Guardian: “Galloway has conviction as well as Big Brother membership; he emerges from this business more sinned against than sinning.” This misses the point. Because what Galloway’s participation has told us is that politics is the least of his reasons for entering the Big Brother house, and conceivably for anything else he does. He was always, always, going to participate, once invited, and his rationale was just a kind of pseudo-thinking. He needed to go in, just like Germaine Greer before him needed to. That’s why the boring old Trots, who would have tried to dissuade him, weren’t consulted. Watching him, you realise that Mr Galloway is what the American playwright Heathcote Williams called a “psychic imperialist”. He wants to be inside our heads, to colonise our minds. “A billion and a half Muslims,” he told Rula, “know who I am.” So, fishermen in the remote south of the Philippines speak about Mr George? It’s a fantasy, but a revealing one. He was the one who advised Saddam Hussein to give up WMD — “Look, I told him . . .” And you also see how that tedious constituency stuff must seem impossibly confining to the would-be leader of the Arabs.


The Independent 

Housemates on the couch. We've all got opinions about the mental states of those mad enough to go into the 'Big Brother house'. But what's the professional diagnosis? Oliver James gives his expert analysis

George Galloway, 51 Along with Rula Lenska, he seems the most to resemble a grown-up adult in this infantilised group. …. His narcissism (a symptom of which, according to DSM-IV, the psychiatric bible, is "a grandiose sense of self-importance") is legendary, and a more likely motive is that he will do almost anything to stay in the public eye, alongside an authentic desire to expose government dishonesty regarding the Iraq war.


Preston was the subject of speculation when Rula wondered aloud whether he "fancied" Chantelle. "He promised that if the two of them are here in the last week he'll snog her," claimed George, gossiping like a teenage schoolgirl. "I'd push him out of the way and say 'let me do it'", responded Michael. "They must put something in the food," added the veteran entertainer, which prompted Rula to suggest an explanation for the group's randiness. "Coriander is a known aphrodisiac and we've been using it in every meal," she revealed. Not that George has been affected, or so he'd like to think. "This is the longest I've ever gone without my mind wandering in that direction," he claimed. Hold on a minute, thought Rula. "You told me not to stand in a certain position the other day because it had 'been a long time'," she reminded him, prompting him to concede sheepishly. So it looks like they're hankering for a bit of sweet lovin'.



De Havilland News

ve of execeorge Galloway and singer Pete Burns, both nominated with Jodie. The both garnered eight nominations. Before the vote, firebrand politician Mr Galloway said he had not intention of winning an early exit from the show: The MP for Bethnal Green and Bow said: "I'm not used to losing elections, and I'd be sorry to lose this one." "I hope to show that there's nothing extreme, nothing frightening about me," he said. "I wanted to show that I'm not a desiccated, calculating, maniac zealot who only talks or thinks about the war." Separately, ex-TV show and DJ Sir Jimmy Savile is to visit the house this weekend. The 79-year-old will bring his own food and cigars, as he does not want to use up their food rations.


The Sun,,2006000002-2006020196,00.html 

Jodie's tantrums in the house have turned you off her as she polled a whopping 42 per cent of your vot from the Big Brother house. George came second in 36 per cent of the vote while 22 per cent of you thought cross dresser Pete should get the boot.


The Belfast telegraph

George Galloway  claims that his main reason for entering the house was to give him an opportunity to answer questions put to him by the other inmates about his stance on the war in Iraq, his relationship with Saddam Hussein and his roasting of the American Senate. This would give him an opportunity to expound his views at leisure in front of a huge and mainly young television audience that would normally rather have their eyes plucked out by vultures rather than watch a standard political discussion programme. He didn't allow for the fact that celebrities of this nature don't waste much time considering the fate of Our Boys Over There. Inquiries about the morality of the war have so far turned out to be surprisingly few in number.


Daily Telegraph


Imagine how he must have felt when he swaggered into "the house" only to discover that of his 11 fellow celebrities, only one, a slightly dotty middle-aged actress, knew who he was. After a couple of days, the indifference got to him and he complained to the actress that none of the other housemates - most of whom, it should be noted, seem to be in their twenties - had asked him what it was like to be an MP. The closest any of them came to showing curiosity was when 22-year-old Chantelle, a professional Paris Hilton lookalike, said: "You work in that place with the green seats, don'tcha?" Yet once the tears of mirth have dried, what are we left with? A rather sobering reminder of quite how apathetic and/or ignorant large swathes of the voting population are about politics - assuming, that is, that the young celebrities in the Big Brother house are typical of their generation, which I fear they are.

Because hate him or hate him, George Galloway should be fascinating, and well known, to anyone with even the remotest interest in current affairs. And if these young celebrities show no interest in a politician who has sucked up to Saddam Hussein in person, been expelled from the Labour Party and appeared before a Senate inquiry in the States - all pretty colourful stuff - then what chance has a grey and boring politician got of making an impression on them? It rather vindicates the claim made by Mr Galloway's aides on Friday - in response to criticisms about his antics from other MPs - that he is "reaching out to a new generation of voters".


Nick Cohen in the Observer,9321,1686739,00.html

The liberal media have turned on Galloway because of a far more heinous crime: his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother. The Independent and the BBC are furious that Galloway is failing to represent his constituents while he is in the Big Brother house. Why they believe an operator who saluted Saddam and described the fall of the Soviet Union as 'the worst day of my life' should want to observe the niceties of parliamentary democracy is beyond me. He was hardly ever in the Commons when he wasn't on Big Brother. Hwever dunderheaded the charge, the SWP, which runs Galloway's Respect party, is panicking. The comrades in his Bethnal Green and Bow constituency admit in a communique to the faithful that 'it would be foolish to pretend that the issue will not cause us some damage'.  


George supervises the celebs; From

Neil Williams:

Anas al-Tikriti, of the Muslim Association of Britain, said: "I think George has proved he is a man that connects with the common people and that's important. Being a cat wasn't something he just brought upon himself. It was a task he had to do and he acted diligently, otherwise he would have been seen as a hypocrite. You can't have it both ways.

"I think he brings a side to Big Brother that we haven't seen before. Galloway is exposing this is the kind of generation we have to deal with - where a 23-year-old woman doesn't know what a gynaecologist is. He has made a lot of people from political circles aware of what this generation is like." Ron McKay, Mr Galloway's spokesman and friend, said: "I would hope people will realise it's just a bit of silliness and even MPs can indulge in that. I rather wish he hadn't been given that particularly silly task. "They have these indignities thrust upon them by Big Brother. It was a calculated risk to do the show but it was predicated on not being censored and him being able to get his message out but when he says anything political they bleep him or tweety-bird it.


Maverick George Galloway offends SWP sensibilities Weekly Worker

Feelings were running so high in Tower Hamlets that the local Respect branch called an emergency members’ meeting at only a few hours notice on Sunday January 8. Despite its hurried organisation some 40 people attended.

According to the report of the meeting emailed to the local membership, “a very mature, thoughtful and sensible discussion took place, in a spirit of fraternity. It was a meeting in the very best tradition of Tower Hamlets Respect.” Nevertheless there was a stand-up row between councillor Oliur Rahman and a muslim elder. Comrade Rahman referred to Galloway as a “second father” and defended his decision to enter ‘the house’, while the elder, together with an SWP feminist, raged against it.


Evict George Galloway! Scottish Socialist voice

by Wullie McGartland

It was a bit of a weekend for shocks. Wasn’t expecting the Clyde result in the cup, but more of a shock came while waiting for Johnny Vegas on Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) - instead we got Respect MP George Galloway.

I’ll admit I do watch Big Brother - I blame years of working in call centres and the show being the only topic of conversation at break times - but the programme has never left me open mouthed until the cigar smoking MP for Bethnal and Bow made his entrance into the CBB house.
Galloway had claimed that he is on CBB to argue his politics and get the anti-war message across to people who wouldn’t normally listen to politicians.

If this has been the case then none of us will get to hear him, in fact every time he appears on the screen all you can hear is the sound of birds chirping as the producers mask out his conversations.

It was rather naive of George to think they would ever allow him to use the show as a soapbox, with the producers claiming they told him this before he entered the house.

The rest of the group is made up of the usual has-beens and never-will-bes, with the conversation switching from sex to plastic surgery (Pete Burns being the obvious expert) and back again.
At the time of writing, Galloway has just been announced as one of those up for eviction, so we still may never get to hear his oratory skills being exercised in the house.

However, with rumours flying about cyberspace that Oona King is going to be brought into CBB as a surprise contestant, if he stays it could get interesting.

But I have to stand by my immediate words - after regaining my speech - ‘What the fuck is he doing on this shit?’

Time will tell if George Galloway or the Celtic defence made the biggest blunders at the weekend.


George starts a trend

The BBC have reported that Cornish MP Julia Goldsworthy (Lib Dem) will be appearing on Channel 4's The Games, raising money for the Cornwall Air Ambulance. She is defending this decision after George Galloway has come under fire for abandoning his constituency during Big Brother.



From Dead Men Left (discussion)

GravatarIf you read the Lenin "pigsty" quote Meaders alludes to in full, it sounds even more as if Lenin had BB in mind.

"The Bolshevik participation in this hideous fraud, in this farce, had the same justification as their participation in the Third Duma; even in a "pigsty" we must uphold our line, even from a "pigsty" we must send out material exposing the enemy for the instruction of the people."

The original context was the so-called "Democratic Conference" called by the SRs and Mensheviks in late Sept. 1917 as a pretext for side-stepping the Soviets.

When the show was over, Lenin wrote "one more farce is behind us and still we are advancing, provided fate has no more than a certain number of farces in store for our revolution."

Is it appropriate to the case of GG in BB? Well, you'll have to decide whether Lenin would have thought worse of a crass farce than he did of a hypocritical farce. There - you can debate that tomorrow in London.

Galloway in BB doesn't lead to discussion of politics or a concentrated debate on the merits of socialism. It leads to streams upon streams of bollocks about Galloway, his personality, his intentions, how cool or not he is (Leninology), whether or not people smear his personality etc etc blah blah fanah fa-fucking-na.

Which is fucking pathetic if we're supposed to be interested in questions of class, economic conditions, or social movements rather than fucking prancing about wielding bloated egos.

And all this shit suggesting that its not a big deal that Mr. Ex-Stalinist has an overblown impression of himself because, you know, like, all politicians are ego-centric is just another concession and another nail in the coffin of the possibility of a real politics.


p.s. Meaders, are you really maintaining that Galloway's time would not be better spent campaigning in Tower Hamlets or dealing with constituent issues? Are we simply to discard these questions because what he's done is so 'courageous'?

Without a doubt GG has made a mistake. GG has gone on an escapde when:

I)the leader of the fake anti-war party has been knifed by his neo-liberal right

II)the descent of Iraq into an imperialist bloodbath gathers more momentum

III)the RMT conference on labour representation takes place on 21st Jan

IV) Respect should be planning full tilt for the local elections.

In these cicumstances will those who want to shore up Labour want GG to be:

a) In the BB House?


b) Leading the campaign to build a left party ?

Is the answer not obvious? On another point the various people who I chat to who are not organsied lefties but who should be in Respect but are not sure about it or GG think that GG is taking the piss out of his constituents and the Respect members. I hope they are wrong and this is an inspired gamble but frankly I doubt it.



Daily Mirror  

GALLOWAY HE said: "I want Michael to win, to come back to Britain and triumph and I want to have helped him do it." Yes, that would be something to be really proud of.


Digital Spy Forum

George trying to get Innocent, decent, Preston evicted!  

Alrightmate: But the truth is that Preston has had George Galloway in his sights long before George got nominated. Preston has been bitching about Galloway with jodie a few days before it was revealed that George was up for eviction. As it turned out Preston nominated George.....George did not nominate Preston. To make out that George has suddenly decided to target Preston for nomination for no reason is absolute nonsense, he has good reason to see him as a rival who wants him out. Both Jodie and Preston's views about the 'old' contestants are asolutely identical. In some places in their nomination reasons they were almost word for word identical.


The Scotsman 

Galloway hasn't got a clue about the real Saddam. GEORGE Galloway's claim that Saddam Hussein was only hated by his political opponents was so jaw-dropping it shook me out of my somnambulism. For an insomniac like me, round-the-clock Celebrity Big Brother had been a useful antidote. That was until the Bethnal Green and Bow MP woke me with his dreadful blunder


Daily Record

BB HAVE SCORED WITH MP GEORGE HATS off to Big Brother makers Endemol. Getting George Galloway in is the best thing to have happened to this poisonous excuse for entertainment. If GG gets a few million BB-brain-deads thinking about something more relevant than Jackie Stallone's slevery chops, then he's my Big Brother Champion of Champions - whether he wins or not.


Ireland on-line 

bookies are offering odds of 2/5 that Galloway will lose his parliamentary seat at the next general election in the UK.


TV Squad Blogging Television 

They are all turning on Jodie Marsh like a pack of hyenas. She is barely respectable but I'm beginning to warm to her - I never thought I'd say that! Galloway - I thought better of him. No longer.


Evening Standard 

Anti-bullying campaigners have voiced concern over the plight of Jodie Marsh in the Celebrity Big Brother house. The glamour girl has been reduced to tears by nasty comments from fellow housemates George Galloway, Pete Burns and Michael Barrymore. She has branded Respect MP Galloway a bully, and after a bust-up with Barrymore and Burns yesterday she threatened: "I might as well kill myself because I have nothing to live for."


Daily Mirror 

FRIENDS of …  Jodie Marsh …  are horrified at the treatment dished out by George Galloway, Michael Barrymore and Pete Burns who they have dubbed the "Bitches of Eastwick". Best friend, Sarah Blight, said: "Jodie is being tormented to make a bunch of has-beens feel a little better about themselves. "She is in there on her own with no allies fighting against the most morally corrupt, cruel and calculating bullies.

Jodie's treatment has also infuriated her mum Kristina and dad John who accused tormentors Burns, Barrymore and Galloway of viewing her as a threat. Mr Marsh said of George Galloway: "He is using schoolyard tactics. It's absolute bullying with no remorse or anything. He is winding all the others up. This is a girl who is 5ft 2in, and they are 6ft 2in men."


Digital Spy 

George is suspicious that Preston may be stirring up tensions within the group, he revealed this afternoon. Speaking to Rula in the garden, the politician accused the Ordinary Boys frontman of masterminding this week's nominations. "I think Preston's a fly man," he said. "He flits from bit to bit, does a bit of stirring. I've a feeling he organised the nomination of me and Pete. He saw this as a possibility of saving [Jodie]."


Sun Online,,2006000002-2006010211,00.html  

MP George Galloway has managed to upset the girls of the house. This afternoon 80s music man Pete caught glamour model Jodie leading a discussion with Chantelle and Traci about their problem with George. He told the others "she's still ranting." The trouble began when George disagreed with Jodie's stance on animal rights. She said killing an animal was murder after becoming upset about what Pete claims is his antique gorilla fur coat. Respect MP George argued: “Should Eskimos wear fur? They live in the frozen north and there’s nothing they can wear except animal skin. They’re not murderers.” Chantelle said: "We just look like dumb scatty girls that really he doesn't want to know because we are so below him."


New Criminologist on-line

Last night, wearing a dressing gown, pyjamas and yellow Marigold rubber gloves, George Galloway, 51, ‘The Respect Party’ MP, formed a cringe-making double act with Michael Barrymore, 53, his Big Brother pal. Now don’t get me wrong, but having spoken to him occasionally I have a lot of time for ‘Gorgeous George’, and he cut a dash by also appearing in a tracksuit with the word ‘CUBA’ emblazoned on the front and smoking a Cuban cigar, but singing songs with Barrymore loosened some of the rigor mortis setting in, and my stomach heaved. The pair sang songs including 'It Had To Be You', 'I’ll Be Loving You Always’, and ‘No Woman No Cry’, as they cooked in the house kitchen - where 89 per cent of the ‘action’ seems to take place.


Daily Mirror

GALLOWAY  He's upset at the lack of interest in his job - if he wants political debate, there's another house he should be in. Like, the one he gets paid to go to after people entrusted him with their votes. OUT! OUT! OUT!


Digital Spy 

George affirmed to Chantelle that all of the group liked her but shared concerns that she was being led astray by Jodie and her "ulterior motives". "All of us here are very different people but we had a responsibility for the purposes of us all retaining our sanity, to try and get on with each other," he said. "Most people feel, for whatever reason, that Jodie's gone off on one. Most people's perception is that she's dragged you into that."  "I'm piggy in the middle to nine people and one," declared Chantelle, adding that it was difficult for her to be part of the group when so much hostility was aimed at Jodie. "That's why we're angry with her - she shouldn't make you piggy in the middle to her," George replied. "That's not fair. I don't know how we're going to resolve this but we're going to have to try or we're going to be making a fool of ourselves in front of the whole country for the next X days."  He added: "I have done nothing except shower affection on you. You're the apple of my eye."


Digital spy forum

George Galloway, the Moaning Dictator!!

Della: When George isn't moaning about his fellow housmates he is telling them what to do, it's either that or he's being bone idle or making nutty polical statments.

George is so full of himself he's in danger of bursting!


Karl: What's "nutty" about being anti-war?


Jon Stewart: I would probably enjoy his flamboyant politics - (not necessarily because I agree - I just enjoy good wild debate from any party) - but regrettably he's so busy being pompous he does not have time to be radical.

Honestly, he seems the blustery colonel right out of an Agatha Christie novel, complete with mustaches and ambivalent class issues.


Della: I think we should judge George by the performance in the Big Brother house not on stuff he did before. All of the celebrates have given great performances in the past.



George on the tred mill (picture from

Why did they vote for George?

George received four nominations for eviction (out of ten possibles). The housemates who nominated him were...

                                                                                                                                              Chantelle because "He more or less said I was uneducated. He said he couldn’t understand why I was a veggie when I come from Essex because most vegetarians come from North London." Chantelle has worried housemates at various points by, for example, having no idea what a gynaecologist was and, before recent explosions, had been coming across as a charming, but simple, girl from Essex.

Chantelle's new best mate Jodie Marsh who said "He's old enough to be my dad but I feel bullied by him…and what he said to Chantelle about her being uneducated. I don’t think George is a very nice person. He hasn’t made any effort to get to know me or Chantelle." Or is it because he turned down her offer of an orgy?

Dead or Alive star Pete Burns "This is just a short stop for him…I don’t think it would make any difference to him whether he stayed or not. He’d be strongest to cope with the rejection…he can take it."

The charismatic Preston Samuel of the Ordinary Boys "He doesn’t seem to get on with young people. When Chantelle had her party, I overheard him say ‘She’s going to win it now…’" he then went on to say George was "looking around and being a bit shifty."

Details of how to vote for the celeb you want out the most here. God help you.


Other gossip from the house

Galloway, his confidence boosted by being elected the most intelligent housemate (not that the competition is much to write home about), announced boldly that his main purpose in the house was to to "get Barrymore back on TV in triumph. "Where he belongs" and he hoped that Barrymore would return to this country in triumph.

Barrymore promptly left the room for a good cry.

Later, as part of his newly launched "defend Barrymore league" he described the libidinous no brainer Jodie Marsh as a "wicked person" who had "inveigled" Chantelle with her evil spell. Jodie Marsh was mercifully lost for words.


George and Rula play 'here, kitty, kitty'

After reading through the rules for the task, George, who has been acting as Big Brother's Lab Assistant, told Rula she had to prepare to communicate with an animal later that evening, and would only truly be able to understand them by becoming one.

Rula said she "needed to get into a meditative state." George relaxed her by reading the rules slowly and softly, telling her: "Close your eyes, breathe deeply, allow the centre of your being, your heart, your mind and your connect with the animal."

He added: "It is important to establish rapport with the animal. Once you feel rapport is established, begin by asking a simple question. Be patient if you do not succeed the first time. An example of good phrasing is 'you're not eating today, is there something you would like to tell me?'. Close your eyes and see if the animal is sending a visual image or message. Good communication is a marriage of both words and pictures. This works with all species and is at the core of this universal language."

The pair then embarked on a roleplay taken from a "genuine case study," with George as the cat and Rula the human. Rula petted the MP, pretending to feed him milk as he licked at her hands and rolled over on the sofa, purring.


The Independent

He shouldn't be on Big Brother because there's a lot that needs to be done here. There are huge community concerns about housing and cleaning,'' said Akthar Hussain, 23. There was, however, one voice of support: "It's a good opportunity to get the anti-war message across. George can't actually do much on a local level here anyway as Labour control the council. Celebrity Big Brother allows him to wake people up to what is happening,'' said Azmal Hussain, 53, who also happens to be a committee member of Respect.

Some observers point out that his low-key, unconfrontational demeanour is exactly the right tactic for winning the show - previous winners such as the comedian Jack Dee and former Take That member Mark Owen succeeded precisely because they declined to be outrageous. Perhaps "Gorgeous George" is simply playing a long game.


The Guardian,5673,1682948,00.html

Since day one, when it cut several of the contestants agreeing with the MP about the Iraq war, the Big Brother edited highlights have yet to show him saying anything about politics. And in E4's round-the-clock version, the MP is repeatedly bleeped. Is he going on about sex and using coarse language? Or is he being censored in a more serious way? Precisely because he claims to have principles, they are deemed worthy of less respect than those of someone who slept with Sven Goran Eriksson. And here is the real reason for the disenchantment with politics among 16- to 24-year-olds: idealists, who might inspire passion or loyalty, or even interest, are cut down for something totally trivial. Galloway, though, is guilty of falling in with that standard line of "I want to connect with the millions of people - most of them young - who are turned off by conventional approaches. It's the Gen X factor". Not so - it doesn't take blathering populism to hook them, but the very opposite: it takes conviction. Galloway has conviction as well as Big Brother membership; he emerges from this business more sinned against than sinning.


Ireland On-line

The local Labour Party said it was joining forces with residents to give a speech on Crossrail and planned to meet Transport Secretary Alistair Darling today. Labour leader of Tower Hamlets Council, Cllr Michael Keith, said: “The need for this action is because our elected MP is still on his extended Christmas vacation in the Big Brother house, and remains out of contact from his constituents, massaging his child-like ego.” Galloway also faced criticism from Tony Blair yesterday over his decision to appear on the Channel 4 reality show. Asked on GMTV: “Would you fancy one of your MPs doing that?”, the Prime Minister replied: “No.” And bookies are offering odds of 2/5 that Galloway will lose his parliamentary seat at the next general election. Paul Petrie of Totesport said: “This adventure has done George Galloway no good at all and it will definitely count against him when he is next up for election.”


From C4’s BB forum  

Posted 10-01-06 21:45 

i can't believe what i just heard. thats him finished. i knew he was an idiot but

Posted 10-01-06 21:47 I've openly expressed my dislike for G.G on this forum since day 1 of CBB... But I'm going to defend him now.

Not ONCE Did he 'defend' the man. He clearly explained to Rula exactly what happened (His story of it at least) when he met Saddam, the second time...

Posted 10-01-06 21:47 10-01-06 21:47

No, George was doing what he went into the house to do. He was trying to educate some of the blinkered and ignorant people who watch CBB about how seriously this government has tried to deceive the citizens of this country.

George Galloway for Prime Minister - a politician with principles

Posted 10-01-06 21:47 

i think he's right about saddam becoming a martyr if the americans execute him,5744,17787782%255E2703,00.html

To make matters worse for the MP, his justification for appearing on the show - to give him a platform for his vehement opposition to the war in Iraq - looks set to come to naught. Channel 4, the network running Celebrity Big Brother, has so far refused to air his political opinions on the show's highlights package.

Far from hearing of the folly of coalition leaders and the moral bankruptcy of the Iraq campaign, viewers have been treated to the sight of Mr Galloway complaining about the lack of toilet paper in the house and flirting with Faria Alam, whose celebrity rests on having slept with the manager of the England soccer team, Sven-Goran Eriksson.

A spokesman said the [Respect] party would be sending a letter of complaint to broadcaster Channel 4. "I don't know how they could invite an MP on to the programme and not expect them to talk about politics," he said. He said he did not think Mr Galloway's appearance on the show had "backfired" on the party saying the Respect MP had managed to make some political points, about Guantanemo Bay and "low pay for cleaners in the Isle of Dogs". Channel 4 has denied censoring Mr Galloway and said highlights were selected on editorial grounds.

One area of debate came when the housemates were asked to rank themselves in order of how big a celebrity they were. Mr Galloway said that if the rankings were done on the basis of how well-known the residents were internationally then there was a case for him being first given that "virtually every Muslim in the world knows who I am".,2106,3536683a1860,00.html

Respect party national secretary, John Rees, told Reuters the MP's detractors over Big Brother were "probably his political opponents" and did not reflect the feelings of his constituents.

"When you're a single Member of Parliament in the House of Commons, you have to represent your constituents in a variety of ways, so George has to be our main media spokesman, our national representative, our international representative and a constituency MP."

GEORGE Galloway was wanted out of one house and back into another as he faced mounting criticism over his appearance in Celebrity Big Brother.

The Respect Party MP was branded a "bully" by fellow BB housemate Jodie Marsh after being nominated for eviction, along with the glamour girl and 80s singer Peter Burns, in a public vote on Friday.


Galloway is nominated for eviction

MP George Galloway, singer Pete Burns and glamour model Jodie Marsh are the first to be nominated for eviction from the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

The housemates learned the news with an early wake-up call at 8am.

Marsh sobbed upon hearing that she had been nominated, saying: "The one thing I didn't want was to be first out or even first nominated. It's hideous."

There was no comment from Burns while Galloway said: "I'm going back to bed."

If Galloway is not evicted before Thursday he will miss a House of Commons debate on a transport link which will affect his London constituency.

He is also the subject of an Internet protest campaign, entitled 'Get Back to Work, George', which calculates how much it is costing British taxpayers each day that he stays in the celebrity house.

Galloway is at 22/1 to win the show; Ordinary Boys singer Samuel Preston is favourite to win at odds of 5/2.


Previously on Socialist Unity

Why we watch Big Brother (May 2005)
Transsexual wins Big Brother (August 2004)


The Times,,8304-1977839,00.html

Galloway, incidentally, who, with no evident irony has said that he sees it as his role in the house “to entertain and inform”, is, perhaps surprisingly, the source of the most inflammatory remark of the series so far. In a bored moment the other afternoon, the MP paused from gently combing his eyebrows with his fingernails to opine that Big Brother was “the better kind of reality show”. If it brings him comfort to think so, then one is glad. Certainly, of the programmes in which people are required to sit around all day, Big Brother has the most distinguished history.

But Galloway’s unpalatable inference was that there was, by contrast, something demeaning about signing up for I’m a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here! — as opposed, presumably, to the purely ennobling consequences of deciding to take three weeks off work to go on Big Brother. And although keen to share Galloway’s view that there is a special dignity in the predicament in which he finds himself, we nevertheless draw the line at this kind of snobbery, not least because of its implied insult to the legacy of Phil Tufnell and all the other I’m a Celebrity winners who have bitten beetles in half and wrestled rats for our entertainment.




It is certainly true, as others have noted, that Galloway's bizarre participation in such a ludicrous celebrity gameshow reveals the egocentric worldview of this alleged leader of the radical left. But it also reveals something real about what constitutes an effective public platform now.

Those who complain that Galloway has not bothered to appear in the House of Commons as a Respect MP miss the point. One _expression of the demise of traditional politics in the UK is the way that established political institutions, from parliament to the parties, have been reduced to empty shells with no purchase on the public imagination. It is understandable that a chancer such as Galloway should recognise that it is easier to make a noise and win some superficial public recognition on a celebrity game show than in the Commons.

Politics without meaning often appears now as another branch of showbusiness, all about image and celebrity rather than ideas and convictions. As recent revelations about the prime minister's weekend guests have shown, even Tony Blair feels he can improve his standing by mixing with famous actors and other celebs in his country house, Chequers. By entering Celebrity Big Brother, Galloway is simply trying the same trick in their house.

It was odd to hear Galloway introduce himself to his fellow contestants as the leader of the British anti-war movement. After all, his appearance on the show only confirms that in reality there is no such movement to give him a platform, so he is going on 'reality' TV to advertise for one.


Evening Standard

Unless Mr Galloway is evicted from the Channel 4 show before Thursday, he will miss a key parliamentary discussion of the controversial £500 million scheme, which is planned to carve a path through his Bethnal Green and Bow constituency from 2015.

Crossrail will provide a transport link between Heathrow and the City and Canary Wharf via Whitechapel and Liverpool Street. Among the issues to be discussed is whether tunnelling should begin from a huge access hole near Brick Lane - disrupting the lives, homes and businesses of thousands of people.

Tower Hamlets council leader Michael Keith today hit out at Mr Galloway, who is being paid a reported £60,000 to appear on the reality show.

He said: "Local MPs should be representing the interests of the area in these crucial issues. He is paid to do a job and he is clearly not doing it." A London Labour Party source added: "Crossrail is one of the most important issues facing Galloway's constituents and it is amazing that he has chosen to miss a debate on it in order to appear on a reality TV show. It is a complete dereliction of duty."



From Media lens message board

I'm watching/recording full Big Brother coverage of George Galloway for personal research purposes. I've trawled thru 16 hours of coverage of every single Galloway interaction covered by C4, E4 live, More4 news, and BB's Big Mouth.

So far Galloway has had discussions about:

. wearing of hijab,
. low pay of cleaners in Canary Wharf,
. adoption,
. civil partnerships,
. capital punishment,
. ethnicity-poverty crime and US legal/prison system,
. impact of population depletion in parts of UK,
. pensions crisis,
. media bias,
. drugs
. islam.

In relation to the abortion question (he made it clear he would not campaign against abortion but for religious reasons (and due to the radical developments in medical technology since 1967) wanted to see a reduction in the currently legal 28th week of gestation position which he described as "an abomination").

He also entered the house chanting "Stop The War".

In almost every discussion his position has been well received particularly by younger members of house. He received a ringing endorsement from 3 out of 4 voxpops on E4's BB's Big Mouth. He was even defended by and E4 presenter against the recent and ongoing media and neo-con slurs against him in relation to oil barrels-money and Iraq.

He has managed to balance out political contributions with discuisons about food, cleaning, exercise and participated in dip in the pool and a gym work out with Dennis Rodden.

On the negative side the More 4 news item included an analysis piece by a Murdoch journalist (The Times)who provided negative comment. An E4 presenter also made a joke about the fact that his auntie would not have anyone to complain to if they didn't clear out her bins in Bethnal Green while George Galloway was spending time in the house.

So far the C4 TV group media reaction appears to be generally positive. There is obviously a long long way to go but he is certainly making politics to audience mainly composed of non-voting 18-34 year olds.

One voxpop on E4 argued it could only be great publicity for Mr Galloway's RESPECT party. One pop member (Spencer) has described Mr Galloway's participation as "cool" and had recently been arguing for Galloway with his own friends in the 'real world' a few days before entering the house.

It will be interesting to note how the C4 TV media group’s coverage of Mr Galloway continues over coming days.



Latest bizarre gossip

Jodie Marsh asks our man "You up for an orgy, George." George of course respectfully declines and the pouting Jodie is forced to seek solace elsewhere.

We are unaware if this is connected with later events where, according to the Big Brother site "George and Rula slid off together for a 'stimulating discussion'."


John Rees has just been on Five Live and Radio 4 PM - defending GG's presence on BB.

He made some interesting  points:

- as a lone MP and spokesman for the ant-war movement GG couldn't just sit in parliament.  He could be more effective outside. 

- if the media covered events such as the international peace conference then Galloway woudn't have to go on programmes such as BB

- he hadn't discussed being on BB with GG prior to the programme "because of Channel 4's confidentiality policy"

- at least some of the fees was going to the Palestinian charity but the rest  had not been fully discussed

-  he made his dislike of BB clear "the show tended to denigrate the people on it"


The Daily Telegraph

If you were one of the 15,801 residents of Bethnal Green who voted for George Galloway at the last election, you might be wondering what he is doing to fulfil his manifesto pledge "to end the occupation of Iraq".

You might, if you were one of the 40 per cent of non-white voters in the area, be asking how Mr Galloway was intending to tackle the four-fold rise in racially motivated attacks. You could, conceivably, have some questions about public services, schools, and hospitals... that kind of thing.

You probably wouldn't want to know your MP's opinions on Michael Barrymore, a has-been television presenter on the brink of nervous collapse who spends his time attempting to break needles off cacti and talking about imaginary small horses in the garden.


Constituents impressed by Galloway

Speaking from Brick Lane in the heart of Galloway's Bow and Bethnal Green constituency, actor Tim Harwood, 35, said: "He seems to be taking control of the show and seems not at all like I thought he would be. "I did not know a great deal about him before this and have been quite pleasantly surprised because I thought he was a really serious character."He comes across as quite good fun. He is quite open despite the fact there are quite a lot of strange types in the house. "He has been getting involved in everything and is really giving it a go. I do not know if he will win it. I will be surprised if anyone other than Michael Barrymore wins it. But this has shown him as having a relaxed, human side and that can only be good for his future."

A sewer fire Hit (Socialist Worker August 2000)

"Channel 4 is not just exploiting the contestants. It is debasing the viewers as well. By watching Big Brother you too become part of the dehumanising process. One last thing. The man who owns the production company that makes Big Brother is Peter Bazalgette. The Bazalgette family made their fame and fortune in Victorian England disposing of sewage. So it's nice to see that he is carrying on the family tradition!"


The Times

We must assume George has concluded that, much as many on the left had long suspected, there is no parliamentary road to socialism. His voting record since taking up his seat last May puts him 634th out of the 645 MPs. He has managed to table all of four written questions and spoken in a grand total of four debates. Only in one area of parliamentary procedure has he displayed much in the way of intense, consuming, political energy — that of collecting his incidental expenses provision, for which he was our 13th most enthusiastic MP in 2003-4. Clearly he views parliament as nothing better than a bourgeois talking shop, an ineffectual weapon against the capitalist-Zionist wage slave hegemony under which we all labour. Direct action is the answer and, on that count at least, George has been tireless.

Given the chance to vote against the government’s pernicious Prevention of Terrorism Bill he preferred, instead, to say incisive things about it at a highly remunerative public meeting in Cork. On that occasion the government won by a single vote.


Constituents impressed by Galloway

Market trader Gary Lawrence, 50, said: "I think his performances so far have been fine. I wasn't sure what to make of him at first. "He always seems quite stern but that is not how he is. He is having to play the role of one of the two 50 somethings they seem to have to include on these shows. I personally would not go on there. "But he knows what he is doing and why he's in there. He seems to be able to mix well with the odder people in there. So, good luck to him." Another trader Simon Gaze, 32, said: "Good on Galloway. He's showing people a good side to him. He looks like he's having good fun in there and I cannot fault him."He's completely different to what I and my friends thought he would be and we've had a good laugh particularly when he was messing around with Barrymore, singing and dancing."I'm not sure that he can win it because all the teenage girls with vote for the younger men but who knows? These shows have a habit of throwing up a surprise."

Oh brother, big mistake (Socialist Worker July 2000)

"I suggest you get The Truman Show out on video instead of watching television's latest gimmick show, Big Brother. ... The whole thing seems pretty cheap and nasty to me."


Where's our MP? Constituents say Galloway should get back to work

Muhammad Abdul Bari, the chairman of the East London Mosque in Mr Galloway’s Bethnal Green & Bow constituency, said that he had been puzzled to discover that his MP was now appearing on a show that many Muslims would consider indecent. “A lot of Muslims find it very unpalatable that their MP would consider doing this sort of show,” .. ... A local community worker  said: “I spoke to a number of people at Friday prayers who voted for him who are very disappointed he’s gone on TV with a Page 3 model and a Baywatch woman. What sign is that giving to the Muslim community? Children are tuning in. It’s not what the Muslim community wants from their MP.”

Daily Mirror

I love the central conceit of this Celebrity Big Brother that there is someone in the house who is not really a celebrity.

Do they mean that Chantelle, the witless witch of Wickford, is not a real celebrity like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton? No, they mean that she is not a real celebrity like Faria Alam (famous for spreading her legs for two middle-aged men at the FA, one of whom we'd never heard of). They mean she is not a real celebrity like Jodie Marsh (famous for flashing her drawers in clubs). They mean she is not a real celebrity like George Galloway (who got elected as a MP by sucking up to the Islamic vote and is now cavorting with the painted Whore of Babylon - Pete Burns).


The Scotsman

But what, really, is Galloway playing at? Fidel Castro, when asked about the Cuban revolution, observed that he had achieved it with 82 men, but that if he was going to try it again, he would do it with 10 or 15 of absolute faith. Is this the plan? First you convert the gameshow host, then the cross-dressing former NBA basketball star who dated Madonna, then the former Baywatch babe, and before long, the world is your oyster? At 11.30, on Day Three in the Big Brother house, Galloway lit up a cigar and resumed his campaign of mass enlightenment. "Seven out of 10 people in the world are Asians," he told the house, gazing round the room like a captain with no sea to sail, and no idea of where he parked the boat.


Sunday Herald

George Galloway, so very far from being “gorgeous” that the nickname is now cruelly satirical, has become the very essence of distilled vanity. ... In reality Blair almost certainly gives Galloway no thinking time at all, and doubtless couldn’t care less whether he is in the Big Brother house or the Houses of Parliament, since neither causes the PM nor his government any manner of inconvenience or irritation whatsoever. So the question is whether Galloway really believes this boast, and is a sad, embarrassing, self-deluded, village idiot, or whether he is in fact well aware of his impotency and is cunningly following the American model of talking himself up until the myth of his effectiveness becomes accepted as reality. Pat Stack (Socialist Review Out of Touch with Reality (July 2002)

"On top of all that of course we have 'Big Brother', where you can watch people sleeping for hours on end, or where a whole segment was devoted to watching people pack and unpack. Volunteers, wannabes and the downright sad enter into these things"


George in a wigBig Brother site

Housemates set a task to rank themselves in order of fame. It turns out our man George is less famous than Michael Barrymore, Pete Burns and US basketball player Dennis Rodman - but more famous than Rula Lenska, Jodie Marsh and Faria Alam. We must stress that this is not a strictly scientific experiment.


Lenin's tomb

There has also been a string of Labour peers, MPs and sub-luminaries (like Helen Mirren, who apparently campaigned for Oona King, ho ho ho) issuing statements about Galloway's appearance in the glass box. It's all like, "he's in it for self-interest", or even better "he just wants publicity"! The wonder is that such folks ever appear on television, or stand in elections or do anything to further their own careers, such is their aversion to "self-interest" and "publicity". All those politicians who maintain businesses or extra-parliamentary vocations of any kind had better shrivel up into a spineless ball on the backbenches than risk the attention of these worldly ascetics!


George is a hit in the house

How often have you heard main stream politicians complain that young people today find politics “boring” and distrust politicians (can you blame them when they see the prime minister supporting war crimes)? Yet when one brave Respect MP, George Galloway attempts to reach out to this same generation of young people the hacks and apologists of war in the Labour Party are the first to attack him. What’s new? They were the first to attack him before he went into Celebrity Big Brother and will be the first after CBB


Janine's blog

I couldn’t resist checking what Socialist Worker has had to say in the past about BB and its contestants. My favourite discovery is that Big Brother contestants are "sad, vulnerable people … desperate to be on TV".


Big Brother news site

also Actress admits she fancies MP as action hots up in BB house Glasgow Sunday Mail

A tipsy Rula has revealed simmering feelings of affection for George in the Diary Room. When asked by Big Brother if there were any housemates she wished to "explore" further, she replied emphatically: "Yes, George."

"He is an intelligent, erudite man whose eyes show remorse and care and a lot of goodness."

The following is a round up of news and comment that has appeared in the press and on the internet within the first hours of George Galloway's incarceration in the Big Brother House.

Labour peer Lord Foulkes, a former Scottish MP, today criticised George Galloway for taking part in Celebrity Big Brother shortly before Parliament returns from the Christmas break on Monday. Lord Foulkes said: "This means that the people of Bethnal Green and Bow, his constituency, will not be represented properly for all the time he is on the programme. Assuming that he does take his parliamentary salary, which is provided by the taxpayer, he will not be able to look after the needs of his constituents over this period. His constituents will now realise that, when Labour`s Oona King was their MP, they were represented by someone who cared more for them than by someone who appears to prefer the TV studios to the chamber of the House of Commons."

I have no idea, absolutely none, whether the Big Brother appearance will work out. But there's no other MP who could come close to pulling this one off... and if he does, of course, it'll be quite spectacular. (You know what pisses me off? Whining about "missing votes". In a two party Parliamentary system, with a rock-solid whipping system, there's little bloody point turning up for most votes. Big Brother's going to a reach a bigger damn audience than an ill-attended speech, broadcast exclusively on BBC Parliament, will ever do. So good luck to George, and let assorted Blairites and wannabe progressives suddenly discover the unlikely merits of Crown-in-Parliament and woolsacks.)

In his Big Brother CV [Galloway] warns that he is offended by "drunkeness, bad manners, bigotry and ignorance".

"George was asked by Dennis Rodman why he was on CBB and he replied that it was because a lot of the viewers were anti-war and as he was one of the leaders of the anti-war movement he could speak to them directly. It may be the Stockholme Syndrome here but I cant help having a bit of respect for him having the balls to do this."

George Galloway - George Galloway! What on Earth is he doing on Celebrity Big Brother? A man who single-handedly shouted down the US congress is now on a reality TV show with the shit one from Baywatch and a man with lips that squirt pus. At least being on Celebrity Big Brother will clear up the 'George Galloway - genius or dickhead?' debate once and for all. Current Celebrity Big Brother betting odds - 9/1

"Ron McKay, spokesman for Galloway, revealed that if he won, he would give the prize money to Interpal, a Palestinian charity. "That's one of the motivations for him being there, the other is to get lots of publicity for Respect," says McKay. Asked how he would win, McKay joked that he would poison the other housemates.

For his own part, Galloway said before entering the house that he was doing it: "For the chance to show a large and different audience what I'm really like. To get away from constant telephone and e-mail traffic, and for the chance to make new and unexpected friends." Jodie Marsh must be thrilled. ",,2006000002-2006000729,00.html  

Last night Channel 4 tried to defend signing the politician, saying: “His position as an MP does not preclude him being a housemate. He will not be allowed to use his time in the house as a political soapbox.”

Gorgeous George", as the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow has been described, has told producers his favourite things are his "daughter, sunbathing and sex". The MP, ...  left politics off his list .Inside the house, he introduced himself to fellow "celebrities", saying: "I'm an MP." He enjoyed a prolonged handshake with Faria Alam, the former mistress of England coach Sven Goran Eriksson,

This is London

In a statement issued today [Galloway] said: "It's good for politics. I believe that politicians should use every opportunity to communicate with people.

"I'm a great believer in the democratic process. Big Brother is watched by millions. More young people vote during Big Brother than in the General Election. I hope they'll all be voting for me over the next few weeks." He added: "If I win, it will be my greatest election victory since, well, since my last one.",,2006000002-2006000702,00.html  

I am really disappointed with Channel 4 for letting someone like George Galloway in the house. I thought we were supposed to be entertained on BB? I was expecting, as reports said, Johnny Vegas in the house, he would have been a great asset to bb I’ll be switching off.

Galloway is good for the controversy, it will be interesting to see how manipulative he is in the house

Thats the one I want to win, the only MP with a backbone who speaks the truth. Everyone vote galloway to win.

Oscar-nominated actress [Helen] Mirren, who backed Mr Galloway's Labour rival Oona King during the general election, described his decision to go on the show as "very weird". "Where does this guy's ambition go? That's very peculiar," she said. "I think he's a very disturbing person, I think he's a very disturbing politician. Personally, I feel his interest is a self-interest."

Respect are extremely unhappy about this. Apparently even his own staff in Bethnal Green & Bow believed he was in Portugal and had no idea this was going to happen. It seems that the national executive of Respect were unaware of it as well. The man is a law unto himself. The tabloids will have a field day. That guy from the Ordinary Boys is probably the only one capable of challenging him in a political discussion.

By going on Big Brother, Galloway has a chance to appear in front of millions of people as a human being instead of a demonised monster. More than that - depending on how the editing of the show goes - he has an excellent chance to make the case for a socialist alternative to New Labour. Elitists may frown and snobs may sneer at the spectacle of Galloway appearing on a 'reality TV' show - but Respect will not go forward in Britain unless it can begin to win the hearts and minds of millions of people. Opportunities like this do not come often - and they have to be seized. Lenin was very fond of a quote by Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most brilliant military minds ever. 'On s'engage, et puis on voit!' Galloway deserves our unconditional support for now, and only then can we come to some conclusion about whether or not he was right to go in.

I detest, loathe and despise the man but if it p*sses off Tony Blair to have GG appearing on National TV for the next 3 weeks alienating young voters from 'New Labour' who I detest, loathe and despise more I will vote to keep him in but not to win.




Jan 2006

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