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Financial Appeal for Swindon Socialist Unity


Swindon Socialist Alliance (now Socialist Unity) is standing a candidate for North Swindon in the General Election. In council elections in the town we regularly achieve an average of 10% in the wards we contest.


Unlike the mainstream parties we do not have rich financial backers. The financial deposit of £500 is also a significant hurdle for minor parties who may not achieve 5% of the vote to get it back.


Our election campaign is costed at £2000, and we are several hundreds of pounds short of that target. A good result in Swindon will vindicate the idea that the electorate will respond to a straightforward socialist message. But that requires that we fight a high profile campaign – for which we need money.


Supporters in Swindon are each giving £100, or as much as they can afford. Please can socialists outside of Swindon, who do not have a local candidate that they can support – please send cheques payable to “Swindon Socialist Alliance”, at PO Box 1177, Swindon, SN1 4XB.


Please help us take a socialist message to the working classes in Swindon.



Andy Newman



April 2005


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