The prestigious
Socialist Unity Awards;
The best and worst of 2005



Journalistic Chutzpah of the year

Emma Brookes

Emma Brockes for her inventive 'interview' with Chomsky in the Guardian

Emma Brockes interviews Nelson Mandela

Best electoral result in Europe

Die Linke

Die Linke winning 54 seats for the German Bundestag - 3 by first past the post.

German election offers chance of breakthrough for left

Most under-reported electoral result of the year

Eco-Marxist Derek Wall only narrowly beaten for Principal Speaker's position in the Green party. Keith Taylor 851, Derek Wall 803.

Derek Wall's responses to our election questionnaire

Entrepreneur of the year

George Galloway for his lucrative speaking tour engagements (one of which caused him to miss a crucial vote in parliament), and for launching the Friction crime imprint - the front cover of the first book showed a woman not exactly wearing the full hijab...

Galloway and the missed vote

Most surprising quote

Educated for free

Cherie Booth's  "The truth is, if I hadn't had the funding from the state to go to university, I would have worked in a shop"

Independent Online Edition

Most in touch with reality award


Michael Winner "You could not live on £3 million.  You could not buy a house.  You would have to be living at the YMCA."

Telegraph | Millionaires aren't what they used to be

History as tragedy and farce

Ronnie Flanagan, ex head of the RUC, being sent to Iraq to sort out sectarianism in the Iraqi police. 

BBC News |  Sir Ronnie Flanagan

Cheekiest use of copyright

Chris Bambery ©

British Socialist Worker republishes a story a day after it first appeared in South Africa Indymedia about World Aids Day in Zimbawe, and then sticks it on their web page claiming their own copyright, and demanding that anyone else reproducing it must link to Socialist Worker!

Apology to Socialist Worker

Loss of the year

Rosa Parks, Civil Rights heroine

The real Rosa Parks (Znet)

Good riddance

So many to choose from, but John Paul II and Edward Heath would be up there.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice - obituary of Edward Heath

Windbag of the year

Bob Geldolf

Bob Geldof is 100 percent wrong on Bush and Africa, Socialist Worker.

Best propaganda masquerading as a mainstream film

The Lord of War, a valiant attempt to show the global effects of the arms industry.

Lord of War | Workers' Liberty

Best Victory of the little over the large

The French vote no to the European constitution against the media, the government and most of the opposition.

French workers reject the dictatorship of the market

France- A great victory against neo-liberalism

The political correctness gone mad award


The sun's "save our jugs" campaign protesting at Euro legislation demanding that barmaids cannot wear low cut tops. Trouble is... the legislation didn't exist - they were referring to guidelines on workers who had to work in strong sunshine, which did not mention what people should wear at all.

Save our jugs - Red State Rant

Best blog

Lenin’s tomb. Well written, well argued and always controversial.


It's still possible to produce quality TV award

Doctor Who as the "only thing worth watching on Xmas day".

Who's for some who?




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Best roasting given to rightwing politicians


George Galloway's fantastic performances against the US senate committee

A new dawn has broken over the East End

Galloway challenges the US senate

Best union election result

Matt Wrack

Matt Wrack  - elected general secretary of FBU  

Matt Wrack wins FBU election

Best result for left unity

Dresden conference of Die Linke voting for full union between WASG and the PDS by 2007. 

Left Party (Germany) - Wikipedia

Best contribution to a free media

Latin America's equivalent to al jazeera launched in Venezuela on July 24th, (Bolivar's birthday). Co-founded by Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, and Uruguay, Telesur has already set up bureaus in Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil and Venezuela, and is about to open more in Argentina, Cuba, Mexico City, and Washington D.C.   


Best example by a fascist leader

John Tyndall

John Tyndall dies

BBC NEWS - BNP founder Tyndall dies aged 71

Strangest coincidence of the year


Graham Turner and Jackie Turner donated £20,000 to Respect in April only days before Graham Turner authored an article in the Guardian billed as “an economic policy adviser to Respect”, outlining new policies for Respect about Rover's crisis.

Brown's idle boasts belie side-effects

Most bizarre harassment of a socialist

Paxman and Galloway

Paxman's interview of Galloway after his victory in Tower Hamlets. 

BBC NEWS | Paxman v Galloway

Most inventive use of the media

Clown army at the G8 for their use of embedded journalists

The anti-capitalist hustle

Most unintentionally apt lyrics

Madonna at Live8

Madonna leads Live8 set with the chorus “music, unites the rebel and the bourgeoisie”


The revolutions are not over award

The Bolivian movement for the overthrow of two Presidents in one year.

Bolivia takes a step forward

Most deserving recognition

Harold Pinter for winning the Nobel Prize for literature

Guardian Unlimited Books | Art, truth and politics

Most irritating to Christians

Jerry Springer the musical - so wicked, and yet so misunderstood.

Springtime for Springer

Bastard of the year

Got to be George Bush surely

Half a million against Bush in New York

Journalist of the year


George Monbiot, for his consistent belligerence and constant pushing.

George Monbiot

Sharpest satire

The Thick of It. Hilarious, vulgar and brilliantly written.

The Thick Of It

Clearest anti-union boss of the year

Gate Gourmet - narrowly beating Rolls Royce

Gate Gourmet provoked industrial action to justify sackings

Showing the way in music

Gorillaz for their wonderful refusal to be drawn into the social realism trend of modern popular music and their demonstration you can be very sharp politically  without having to pretend you're a milkman from Barking.



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